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So... school's still kicking my ass and I'm on the search for a job. I have so many plans lined up for next year that I don't know what to do first! Then there's my blogs, they've been suffering while school has been taking up all of my time.

I haven't had much time to play with makeup in the last few months, but I do hope to make an order on ELF for some of their new products that I'm curious about. I also heard they came out with brushes for the mineral line! I'm super excited about this because they have bamboo handles! I know, silly reason to be excited right? I don't know, I really like brushes with bamboo handles (like EcoTools). Plus I want to compare their mineral brushes to their studio brushes, they look a bit different as far as fluffy-ness and stuff. 

I'm sure everyone and their mama has heard of LUUUX. And if you haven't.... it's a site that works a little like SwagBucks. You do things around the site and earn points and those points can be redeemed for prizes. Unlike SwagBucks, on LUUUX, you redeem them for beauty and fashion related prizes. You can also get a iPad and a MacBook. I think it's pretty neat, it's just earning that many points that seems impossible! I'm still trying to get the hang of the site. 

Other than all that, I've also been book blogging, which was successful... up until school started kicking my ass. Now I don't have much time to read, which sucks. But I'm trying to make everything fit into the week. 

I'm also currently doing some research for a huge change I'm making for next year. I haven't decided how to tell my parents yet, but I think this will be good for me. If I can just make it there, then everything will be okay. If that made sense.

How are all of you? How was your summer?

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  1. xoladiihoneyxo

    Welcome back! It's understandable with college and what not. When college starts, I don't think anyone have personal reading to get done... if we have time to read, it should be on the textbooks for classes to get good grades! What is the change you want to make? I hope everything is alright!

  2. My-My

    Hey! I'm right there with you. School takes up a ton of my time! My blog is pretty much inactive now. Almost forgotten. Can't wait for vacation. Just to get a post up and going! but don't worry. I haven't forgotten you. :D Good luck with the job hunt. Finding work is like a job on its own. take care.

  3. Toothfairy

    Hey dear, just wanted to tell you that.... I went on a trip to NYC and I saw Wicked!!! And I was thinking about you!!!! weehee... loved the show... LOVED! Now I finally get why you're all over it!

    Sorry for spamming you, you know it's not my policy, but I just want to tell all participants of the "A piece of me" game that I've moved my blog to welovetoothfairy.com!


  4. Caity

    School is killer -- I have two exams on Wednesday, eep!

    Maybe I live under a rock but I'd never heard of LUUUX before. How quickly do earnings add up vs Swagbucks? After Swagbucks "debased" their currency, earning enough points for an Amazon gift card became a lot slower and I kind of stopped... oops!