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foolishxlady The name's Marie. I'm a 24 year old Aries that's currently living in the Bay Area, CA. I happily married my best friend in late December of 2009. I'm currently majoring in Communications and Marketing at the University of Phoenix. If you're interested in following my journey check that out here. I'm a hugehugeHUGE fan of Disney (the movies, the parks, the history) and Wicked the musical. I enjoy taking pictures, blogging, reading (I'm a huge book worm), playing video games, web design, walking around San Francisco, fine dining, sunny mornings, cold nights, listening to music, long late night talks with my husband, collecting Wizard of Oz comic books, shopping (a little too much) and cleaning! Yes, I actually enjoy cleaning. I struggled with OCD; mostly with contamination, hoarding and intrusive thoughts. It's been a very tiring and complicated journey with OCD but I'm determined to over come it and find out why it is what it is.
I wasn't always into makeup, I grew up as one of the guys. Baggy clothes, bandannas, hats, hoodies... makeup wasn't something I ever thought I'd be interested in. At lot of my female friends were high maintenance and to be honest, stuck up. I couldn't imagine how someone could spend so much time putting on makeup! Or spending so much money on a brush. The only time I ever wore makeup was when I was mad. And it was just lipstick. I guess it also had to do with my mom forcing me to wear makeup at a young age for holiday pictures. Eyeliner was not my friend when I was 8 and some days, it still isn't! 

Summer of 08' I discovered NYX. I was attracted to the packaging and the pretty colors. And from there it went on to HIP. And next thing I knew, I was shopping at sephora.com! Oh my gosh, I went nuts when I first got into makeup! And I had a horrible time trying to figure out how to put on eyeliner (and some days, I still do lol). I swore I'd never get sucked into the MAC obsession. But I did, and I'm glad I gave in. A lot of products that work for me best are from MAC. And as much as I absolutely love MAC, I still think its insane to spend $35 on a brush. Yeah, sure, I could use it but I don't need it that much lol.
Currently my favorite brands are; MAC, ELF and Mark.