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|| in her closet || was originally named foolishxlady. This blog opened on OCT 27TH 2008. It served as simply a place where I could track my hauls. Since I'm such a compulsive shopper that sometimes I forget what I buy and end up getting doubles.

After time, people started following and leaving comments so I figured, why not talk back. Like really talk back. I had fallen out of the blogging scene around that time and it was nice to get back into it, especially about something I loved at the time: makeup! I don't have a ton of friends who buy or use makeup as much as I do, so I really have no one to talk to about this stuff. I talk to my husband but you know... he's a guy, he just nods, smiles and sometimes if I mention a brand enough times it'll stick in his brain lol.

I renamed this blog in February of 2010. Mostly because my love for makeup isn't as strong as it was when I started this blog. I don't have as much money as I did back then to do hauls as much as I use to (and I think at this point, I've probably bought every type of makeup you could imagine lol) and I wanted to not just focus on makeup anymore. There are a ton of other products that I'd love to share and review that aren't beauty products. 

I decided to rename it || in her closet || because... well... cleaning my closet has been on my to do list for the last year or so and it's just so messy in there that I keep putting it off! One night I was thinking to myself while I was looking at my closet I bet if I looked through that closet I would never run out of things to blog about. And *ding* bright idea hit! Special, isn't it? lol. I should post a picture of my closet just so you guys know what I'm talking about! 

taken with my Palm Pixi