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I have big news.

I applied for an internship with a big company last week and I got my response three days ago...

I'm accepted!

I'm so excited! This is literally a dream come true for me! But... it requires me to move... across the country. I've never lived anywhere else before, ever. So this is a really big and sort of scary change for me. It will be hard and strange to call somewhere else home but chasing your dreams means putting yourself in different situations too. 

And since I obviously can't bring all of my makeup with me, I decided to have a super huge blog sale. I'm hoping to use the money I get from the blog sale to get a camcorder (because it's probably about time I own one) so I can make vlogs and take videos from my new home. So if you're interested in brand new to slightly used (as in, I've probably only swatched it or used it once or twice) products, keep an eye out for the blog sale.

I can't announce where I'm going just yet but once my moving date inches closer, I'll revel where I'm going. I like keeping secrets :)

5 Responses to BIG HUGE NEWS!

  1. chubskulit

    Congratulations! Change is always good, god luck to you!

  2. xoladiihoneyxo

    Congratulation girl!

  3. Srish

    Check out my blog too, m hosting a giveaway, you might be interested!


  4. My-My

    CONGRATULATIONS! You are so very right, If you want your dreams, you gotta go through the challenges. I am so happy for you! Don't forget our crazy little city will always be home.

  5. Erin

    cant wait for the blog sale! Might be interested!