Review: ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen.

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This is one of the first ELF products I ever bought. I remember purchasing the NYX one and I was curious to try the ELF one as well. Since I was new with makeup, I thought using an eyeliner pen would make things easier on me (I have a really shaky hand).


  • The price. At $1, that's very affordable.
  • The fact that it was a pen and it was easy to work with.
  • The pigmentation wasn't that great, it looked like a faded line in some areas.
  • The fact that it was a pen made it feel like I was drawing on my eyelid with a sharpie.
  • How hard I have to press just to get it to show up on my eyelid. Owwie!
I wanted to like this item because I wasn't comfortable with using gel liner, pencil smudged on me and every time I attempted liquid, I'd get a huge glob of liquid on my eyeball. Have you ever had an entire glob of liquid eyeliner on your eyeball? It isn't fun. I remember running to my mom's room panicking and she looked at my eye and said "oh these things happen, just blink it out!" thanks mom lol.

Overall, I didn't like this item. It made me feel like I was literally drawing on my eye. With it's pigmentation, it actually really did look like I grabbed a Sharpie and decided to call it a day. Sad sad. I'm tempted to write with it on a sheet of paper just to see what it would look like, but I feel like I'd be disrespecting the makeup God's if I did. Seriously. 

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  1. e.motion in motion

    Thanks for this review! I was curious about this but now I know not to buy it. I have the NYX one and I love it!

    Yeah, I just rub the cuticle pen all over my cuticles and nails : )