EOTD: My birthday look!

on Wednesday, April 21, 2010. Filed under:

For my 25th birthday, I wore all blue.

This looked so much better in person, I couldn't catch it right in pictures... maybe it was the lighting in the room? Also, am I the only person who hates plucking their eyebrows? I know it has to be done, but some weeks I'm just not in the mood. I would get them threaded, but the place I go is pretty far and I don't have much time to go there, so for now it's just me... tweezers... and my eyebrows. I hear that numbing the area with ice helps with the pain, anyone try that?

  • ELF Mineral Eye Primer
  • NYX Jumbo Pencil in Baby Blue
  • MAC Pigment in Air-De-Blu
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Deep Truth
I don't use eyeliner when I use eye shadow anymore, my eyelids are tiny and the eyeliner takes up more than half my eye lid and that really takes away from the eye lid color. Air-De-Blu is such a gorgeous color! I wish it showed up more in this picture. 

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  1. BLV's Mommy

    That's such a pretty color on you! =) I've never had my eyebrows threaded before. I've never seen it done either. Always been curious though! Where do you go to get that done? I usually get my eyebrows waxed....I've been going to the same esthetician since I was 13...but when I'm too lazy to make an appointment I usually just pluck them...but I hate doing it!