Haul: MAC

on Saturday, April 10, 2010. Filed under: ,

Did a small MAC haul last month. Here's what I got!

  • MAC Eye Shadow in Naked Lunch
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Trax
  • MAC Lipstick in Russian Red
  • MAC Lipstick in Cherish
  • MAC makeup wipes
Of all the things, I'm most excited about the MAC makeup wipes! I am addicted to the way they smell! Am I the only one who thinks they smell really really good?! I've tried them once (on my eyes) and I wasn't happy with the outcome, it seems that they're too harsh for my eyelids! I'm not giving up, I'm going to try them again to see if they really are... I'm hoping they're not!

Trax has been on my wish list since last year. I'm in love with eye shadows that look like they're two colors. The term isn't coming to mind right now, but I'm sure you know what I mean!! I've been itching for the Naked pigment but I don't want to shell out that much money so I settled for the Naked Lunch eye shadow.. about the same, right?!

I've heard good things about Cherish, I haven't tried it yet though. And of course I had to get Russian Red! I don't look horrible in reds, but I don't feel like I'm bold enough to wear it. I imagine you'd wear it with sexy heels and a short skirt. Maybe it's just me.... lol.

I originally had gotten Cherish from the MAC counter but I exchanged it for Syrup and ended up ordering Cherish instead. I have to say, Syrup goes so well with my lip color. I have having pigmented lips, it ruins everything! I heard you could use concealer/foundation to mute out the color... but wouldn't you end up swallowing it later when you eat?? 

4 Responses to Haul: MAC

  1. Lisa

    YES. I will most definitely make you some. I think I can ship these if they're boxed, as well...
    are you allergic to almonds?

  2. .maitai

    Yay for Mac! Omg I've been on a Mac binge lately! It's so weird cuz I only owned Mac eyeliner before and now I have Mac concealer, foundation, eyeshadow...*Sigh* I can just see the money go down the drain. hehe :P

    RYC: Yeah, I can't believe it. This guy only started dating people like 3 years ago and he's only 20...and he gets engaged to this girl who he's only been dating for like 2 months?? Wow...And on top of that, he decided to throw our friendship down the drain cuz apparently she doesn't like him being friends with his exes...What a douche bag. Whatever happened to "bros before hoes"???? lol! :P

  3. Erin

    I love naked lunch. I had it and wore it all the time, and then I lost it one day like a year ago probably and I haven't bought a replacement yet :(

  4. izumi

    very nice haul :D if you don't like the MAC makeup wipes, the ones from costco (kirkland brand) work well (: and they smell nice~

    i wanna see a pic of you wearing russian red!!