My birthday giveaway!

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I'm turning 25 next Monday... how the hell did that happen?! I don't even feel 24 yet! So, since it's my birthday, I decided to have a... well, I wanted to do a big giveaway but I didn't really put much thought into it and I didn't have time to put the thought into it so, yes.

Here's the deal!

  • Must be a subscriber (and yes, I will check)
  • Leave me a comment stating what you like most about my blog or what I could include/improve on (besides lack of entries cause school is kicking my ass right now)
  • For 1 extra entry must be a subscriber to my personal blog here
  • For 1 extra entry must follow me on twitter here
  • For 2 extra entries must blog about this entry and send me the link

It just makes it less confusing that way.

Prizes include!
  • MAC pigment samples
  • NYX 
  • FLIRT!
  • ELF (of course!)
  • MARK
So basically a little bit of everything from my favorite brands. It is, after all my birthday, right?

You have until Monday, April 12th.

15 Responses to My birthday giveaway!

  1. Miss Tapia

    I'm turning 26 next monday!!! That's so cool! =)

    I like your reviews,but I'd like to see more pics. =)

  2. izumi

    dang, one thing i hate about these contests is sounding redundant, haha. i agree though, i'd like to see more pics in reviews! :) or just in general.

  3. Aero

    Actually, you have a good amount of posts for a busy person :)
    I like how your reviews focus on a lot of types of products. I love makeup but other types of beauty products (eg Lush) are good to know about too. I also like how the blog layout is not "busy" and thus easier to read!

    One thing you could improve upon is by having a catchy header image or creating a jpeg button for your blog. Both visuals would be great for marketing your blog on blogrolls and just in readers' memories when they return.

    I follow you on google friends connect (as Aero Lantern). Is that subscribing? I don't see any other way to do it!

  4. Aero

    I also follow you on twitter
    twitter id = aerolantern

  5. Aero

    I also follow you on your personal blog, thisgirlispoison, through google friends connect

    user id = Aero Lantern

  6. thugqueen28

    Loving your reviews, wish for more pictures :)

  7. Abby Q.

    Congrats on turning 25! I am a follower, does that mean I've subbed? Anyways I like your blog, I think the only thing

  8. Abby Q.

    Duh I totally submitted before finishing my comment, haha! Anyways the one thing I think to improve your blog would be pictures, I love photos of whatever :)

  9. xoladiihoneyxo

    I've been a follower of your blog!

    By the way, Happy early birthdayyy!!! 25 is not old, you're already married; you're achieving some goals =]

  10. xoladiihoneyxo

    I like it when you post up special sales that maybe not anyone else knows much....

    I would like to see more photos in your blog posts! =]

  11. Tina

    I replied to you on my second to last post about highlight btw. I dunno if you get a notice, I still don't get how blogger works, lmao.

    And Happy EARLY EARLY birthday, I will prob. tweet it to you when it comes. lol.

    I asked for your address and I forgot where you sent it, was it my email ?? lmao.

  12. Tina

    I been a follower since we were little! LMAO Just kidding about the entering me thing, I just had to say it. lol

    But since you asked about ideas on your blog. I like how it is. EASY to read and it's very organized unlike mine and other blogs I stumble upon. Only thing I might like seeing is just more pictures! You take great photos so you make me want to eat with your desert pictures and make me want to go to Cali half the time because of all the great places you talk of and eat at!! LOL And more of you!!! I seriously like your makeup photos so more of the EOTD/FOTD pics! And what you bought recently pics too. Cus those are interesting and very informative. :D tee hee

  13. Denysia

    I'm a follower!

    I would love to see more pictures in your reviews! :)

  14. Denysia

    I'm a follower on twitter.

  15. Denysia

    I'm a follower on your personal blog.