NOTD - China Glaze: Good Witch?

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China Glaze: Good Witch?

This is part of the Wizard of Ooh Ahz collection that came out recently. I know this is suppose to represent Glinda and her bubblegum pink dress. But to be honest... it reminds me of Galinda's bubblegum pink "Popular" dress in the musical Wicked. I even held up my hand next to her dress and yep, perfect match! Haha.

This color is a bit sheer, this was after I think 2-3 coats. It's a nice color if you want something on your nails that doesn't stand out too much and when it hits the light, it's a really stunning color. The only problem is.... it was a hassle to take off! OMG. It took me forever to get it off because of the glitter! I wish the collection had more colors like this, the rest of them are pretty bold. See for yourself here. Also, why did the Cowardly Lion get two colors but there was nothing for the Scarecrow? And if you're curious to know why there wasn't anything for The Wicked Witch of the West it was because they had released Emerald Sparkle with the Christmas collection right before releasing this and they didn't want duplicate colors.

But how do you have a Wizard of Oz collection with no Emerald?! HELLO! Emerald City anyone?!

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