Strep Throat?

on Wednesday, March 24, 2010. Filed under: ,

I wasn't feeling well yesterday and I thought it might be the birth control that I got back on. But I just felt really... weird and weak. I took my bc pill with soda last night and it made me pretty jittery, so I googled it and it was fine. I felt better by the time I had to go to bed.

Well I went to sleep last night and I woke up at about 5AM achy and with a really high fever. I also had a headache. And I was coughing to the point where I felt like I was going to throw up a truck load of phlegm. Not a nice feeling. So I woke up this morning, feeling like crap. My throat was hurting, swollen and dry and I was achy. But no headache and no fever.

Took two naps today and ended up with a fever a few hours ago, so I set an appointment for tomorrow to find out if I have Strep Throat. I had it once in 2006 just randomly and OMG it was a horrible experience. Ugh, I'm so tired of getting sick! I feel like I've been getting sick every other week since Spring started! This is insane. And irritating. 

Annnnd, now... I have to go back to bed, because sitting here names me feel sicker. Ugh.

I just feel really bad for my husband, I know he want's to take care of me... but my OCD prevents him from coming here to take care of me. Actually it prevents anyone from taking care of me. I kinda just lock myself in my room and deal with it myself. Damn you OCD. Damn you.

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