I hate being sick!! And giveaway idea?

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I went to the hospital yesterday, the good news is that it's not Strep Throat. She did a swab test which was probably the worst experience of my life, especially since I was laying down. I gaged to the point where I thought I was going to throw up. Horrible!

I still feel like crap today. My throat is still really dry, my coughs are still hard enough to make me want to throw up and I have a headache. Which came from nowhere. Don't you hate waking up with a headache? I mean, seriously, couldn't this wait til mid-day or something?!

I've posted new items up for sale on the blog sale, and I'll continue to post more items (when I stop being sick) soon. I'm doing some Spring Cleaning and I have a lot of unused makeup laying around. And I really really really need to get rid of these.

I was thinking of gathering all my unused makeup and putting them up for sale and if the ones that don't sell within a certain amount of time would be given away as prizes. Instead of doing the usual "leave a comment" and pick from random.org thing, I was thinking... 

I have over 120 followers, yet none of my entries get many comments. It kinda makes me feel like I'm talking to myself! Haha. I know, this sounds like a desperate attempt to get comments, right? Maybe it is! Haha. So I was thinking after that certain about of time for the blog sale, I was going to open up another time frame to where the person/s who leave the most comments within that time frame, get the remaining makeup. Not only that, but I'll add in a few of my favorite makeup picks! I haven't decided exactly on the details but I'm open for suggestions also!

Feel free to leave any suggestions or idea's you may have!

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  1. izumi

    sounds like people are subscribing just to subscribe :P i've been avoiding my google reader because there's so many posts! gah! and i'm feeling lazy lately.

    sucks when you write a post and get NO comments.. i find usually when i go out to leave other people comments, that they USUALLY take time to comment back on mine, if not be interested then eventually subscribe.

  2. xoladiihoneyxo

    lol. I know how it feels when you don't get comments on the blog posts... mine takes daysssss until I see comments and it just stops at 11 or sometimes, it's absolutely no comments. I guess it's because you either have something to say (aka comments on the blog post) or you don't have anything to really say... I've talked to other blog girls and most girls just read it and then maybe comment if they go by the blog post again or if they remember to.

  3. Lisa

    I hope you feel better girl! <3 Rest a lot :)

    I totally understand the comments thing. It's like if there are little comments or none, you can't tell if anyone even reads your posts :( But oh well, we shouldn't let that get us down :)

  4. Tina

    Hope you get better.
    I don't really comment much, but I think I forget to. lol I just read your entries most of the time, but I did notice you were getting something about sub for sub in your comments and it was like a repeat from diff. users.. weird! lol

    I went to Target, Micheals, Starbucks, Sallys today.. :)

    I'm saying this because I got the Boots makeup remover (left a comment about it on yout YT btw) since you introd them to me! I love them sooo much that I bought x2. One for me and my little sister. lol :D

    Anyway, I went to Micheals and I srsly like think of you when I pass the jewerly area where you make necklaces and stuff, I was like I wonder if you make necklaces still :D (which also I left a comment about needing your addy again, lmao. But it's a secret. D:)

    Anddd.. originally at Micheals I just wanted some poly beads? For this "Sephora-esque" ar for makeup brushes I want to make for my new brushes I might get this coming month. I really want an upgrade from ELF and CVS brand to Sigma. Cus I watched so many reviews and made up my mind. I haven't decided with MAC because $40 is like a video game.. lol :x

    And at Sallys.. I got some hair dye (blue :D) and bleach, etcc. :D I'm excited! but yeah.

    Again, hope you feel better and yeahhh :D

  5. Shamrocks and Shenanigans

    I am your newest follower via the bog hop. I am about to do my first giveaway soon and was going to do something that was from our local area. Hope you are feeling better and...hope your viewers start commenting!!!
    Come take a look at my food blog, we can support each other!

  6. Abby Q.

    I totally know what you mean about comments, I think most people read the posts and only a small percent actually comment. As for the contest, I think if the contest is just to leave the most comments, then people will just leave comments to win, and probably drop off the face of the earth afterwards. Maybe instead there could be something like getting more followers? I dunno, it's hard to think of something else. Hmm...