Project 10 Pan: #1 - LUSH Snow Fairy Body Wash.

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I haven't really... well I've thought about doing a Project 10 Pan but I never wanted to announce it and make it official because then I'd just feel obligated and when I feel obligated I'm most likely going to break the rules. So by not announcing it... if it happens, it happens. Does that make sense? Anyway, even if I wasn't doing a Project 10 Pan, I think finishing a product on it's own deserves to be mentioned since you all know how much I hoard and buy makeup. And yes, I hardly ever finish most of it.

So recently I ran out of my body wash (if you're curious I use Axe. I started using it when my husband left for Basic Training because he took the exact same one with him and because it was his scent well and mine, since I stole his deodorant a number of times in high school....) and I didn't have time to go buy another one since I'm always busy with school and paperwork and blah blah blah.

I decided to give in and just use my LUSH Snow Fairy Body Wash. I really had no intention of using it. I bought it because I thought it smelled good and it looked pretty and because I hardly ever get to buy anything from LUSH! My husband suggested I buy the small (I was grabbing the medium) because he knew I probably wouldn't use it (HA! In your face!)... 

Well not only is it completely gone but I had to water it down because I had no other body wash to use. I'm actually glad I got the small bottle because towards the end, the smell was really starting to bother me.

It smells pretty at first... it reminds you sweet sugary pink goodness. Cotton Candy, Bubblicious gum, Bubble Gum, Pink Sugar... if such a think exists. But after smelling it every single night... it kinda started to make me feel a little nauseous. Maybe if I didn't water it down to prolong it's life, I probably wouldn't have that problem. But I'm glad I used it and I'm glad it's gone!

I would repurchase this. I think in a year I'll be okay with the scent again lol.

Yay! One down, nine more to go!

8 Responses to Project 10 Pan: #1 - LUSH Snow Fairy Body Wash.

  1. thugqueen28

    FUN!!! Congrats girl! I just hit pan on my Coastal Scents Camo Quad Concealer!!! I am gonna post up pics later haha.

  2. thugqueen28

    Oops wrong link above, this is the right one

  3. .maitai

    Congrats! :D

    Yeah I like paperbacks too but I dunno, I guess I like the Kindle on my BlackBerry for portability. :D

  4. Abby Q.

    Congrats you finished :) I am so bad at using up a product! I just keep buying more!!

  5. izumi

    wootwoot :) whenever i use something, i always forget to blog about it, hahaha.

  6. thugqueen28

    Yes I do! But I rarely update it! :)

  7. thugqueen28

    I'm starting to update my blog more here and there hehe.

  8. thugqueen28

    I'm excited to see your progress for your project 10 pan! Whats next?