New Aerie products!

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I'm a fan of American Eagle and Aerie! Aerie had released lipsticks last year that I really liked, but discontinued them before the holiday season. This year, they launched a new makeup line. I hate how their makeup is never on their site... I'll snap a picture next time I'm there! But it's a really pretty layout.

I grabbed one of the Superfruit Vitamin Gloss in goldmine. The Aerie Botanicals is a new lotion line they're launching next month. This was their A-List gift for March.

The lipglosses remind me a bit of a MAC Dazzleglass. But their lipglosses contain vitamins that are good for you, I'm not exactly sure which vitamins, but the sales lady was listing them off lol.It's made with yumberry and acai berry. I've been seeing acai berry everywhere lately! I love this lipgloss! It taste really good, I just hate how it has that weird sponge wand that makes your lips feel numb. I'm not a fan of feeling numb. I'm also not a fan of the price, these are $10.50! Good thing I had a $10 gift card! But I really really want to get more.

As you see, it goes on sheer. Clear almost. But it has some glitter in it. I can never tell if something is sheer or clear because my lips are pigmented.

They also had some eye shadow's but I mean... I think I own enough eye shadows, even though they were really really pretty. I didn't notice if they brought the lipsticks back, but I hope they do soon! I loved the lipsticks from last year!

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  1. Abby Q.

    Interesting! I didn't realize Aerie had a makeup line, I will have to check it out next time I go there. Thanks for the review! :)

  2. Mass Hole Mommy

    Hi! Stopping by from the Friday follow!

  3. Iva

    wow I'll totally check this line out!! Hope you are having a nice weekend!!