New at Sephora: Cake Beauty.

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Sephora released a new beauty line some time last week called Cake Beauty. Loving all things food (almost all things food) and being a former Pastry Chef major, this sparked my interest. So I browsed it and found this...!

Cake Kiss Lemon Chiffon Butter

I am IN LOVE with all things chiffon and Lemon Chiffon is my favorite ice cream flavor! 

This product however does remind me of the Korres lip butter (which I hated). But I mean, come on! It's Lemon Chiffon, even if it sucked I'd probably convince myself it didn't lol!

There are a ton of new products to try and I would love to try them all, but of course, that won't be possible. Darn! I am placing an order for this product however and I'll be sure to do a review!

3 Responses to New at Sephora: Cake Beauty.

  1. Amanda T

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    Take Care.
    -Amanda T

  2. Abby Q.

    Mmm! I am afraid that this line would make me crave too many sweets! haha. No but I am with you on the lemon chiffon! I'm also looking for a new lip product (mine have been so dry lately!), so I will have to look this up :)

  3. Kelley

    Oh, its making my stomach grumble it looks so good.
    I love Sephora, I can not go in there without wanting....a lot!