A piece of me in: March 10'

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This game was started by Notes From The Toothfairy! Click on the link to find out more information how you can join in on the game!

I usually blog this at my semi personal blog, but I decided to start blogging it here instead!

I like:

  • That the weather is finally starting to get warmer
  • That I decided to attend the University of Phoenix
  • That I'm making an effort to eat healthier
  • That I finally got a domain for this blog

I don't like:
  • That warmer weather brings bugs into the house
  • That I'm only in the 3rd week and I'm already submitting late assignments
  • That even though paper work is already filled out and completed, I'm still stressed out
  • That I gave up all my credit cards last week =(

I want you to know:
  • Just when I thought I'd have time, I actually got busier
  • Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland was an amazing movie!

I've planned:
  • Make some sort of list to keep myself organized and (hopefully) less stressed
  • To do a review on a new product including a giveaway (if my husband lets me buy it lol)
  • To spend less money considering I gave up my credit cards
  • To someday change my last name lol

I want to say to someone special:
I saw a video of you last night. And you sounded different. You looked different and you acted different. It was almost like watching a video of someone I've never met. It was weird, looking at you and not feeling like I knew you. It use to kill me that we didn't talk anymore, it's been about 6 years now. And you dropped me with no reason. I haven't seen you in five years. But seeing you in that video, made me realize that we don't know each other anymore. At all. We're not kids anymore. I'm nothing like the person you remember me as, and I'm sure you're nothing like the best friend I remember. And that's fine, I'm glad I saw that video. I don't miss you so much anymore. So, I wish you the best.

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