February 10' favorites!

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I didn't have a lot of favorites for February either...! But I did end up falling in love with a few items!

MAC Tendertone
I bought these from the CCO some time last year and didn't start using them until now. I have two. Soft Note and Hush. Right now I'm using Hush. At first I wasn't really liking this product but I bought it because everyone raved about it. I kinda thought it smelled like watermelon at first (and I hate watermelon) but someone mentioned that it was actually strawberry kiwi and after spending some time with it... it is strawberry kiwi! I love how this glides on and how long it keeps my lips nice and moisturized! I wish they hadn't discontinued this and I hope CCO doesn't stop selling them either!

Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes
I bought the holiday mini set for these completely forgetting I bought the full sized black one for $18. $18 for an eyeliner?! That's insane. The mini holiday set was a much better deal! I recently noticed that my eyelids are oily, which might explain why my eyeliner tends to smudge all the time. Makes sense right? Why didn't I figure this out earlier! Haha. I finally tried these out (can you tell it takes me awhile to use my products?) and I LOVE THEM. They don't smudge at all! OMG. MUF eyeliner... where have you been all my life (obviously in my eyeliner drawer being neglected)?!

Victoria Secret Secret Crush Body Lotion
This was my scent back in 2000. Or 1999, I don't remember. But this is my winter scent (Passionate Kisses, which is also discontinued is my spring/summer scent). This scent has been long discontinued but they still have it for sale during their semi sale events. And I always grab one. I like this lotion because of course, the scent brings back memories but also because the lotion itself isn't very thick. It's not oily, it absorbs quickly and even though it's heavily scented, it doesn't irritate my hands. It's been doing a great job of keeping my hands moisturized.

Palm Pixi
I got this new phone last month when my husband and I decided to switch to Sprint (we were paying $130 at Verizon and we didn't even have internet! We had your basic lowest of the low minutes phone plan and now with Sprint we're paying $96 AND we have internet!). I was originally going to get the Samsung Moment but then I saw this and I fell in love! I absolutely love this phone! I'm not going to go into detail because I intend to do a review on it soon. 

What were your favorites for February?

4 Responses to February 10' favorites!

  1. Makeup by Kim Porter

    I have the mini set MUFE aqua eyes set & I LOVE it too. I eventually want to get the collectors set, which is $250! Now, with my pro discount I'd at least get 40% off.


  2. Fashion Meets Food

    Heyy girly! Just found your blog and I am so loving it!!!!

    I am most def going to be a follower!!

    xoxo have a fabulous day


  3. Tina

    I have yet to try out Tendertones from MAC and the MUFE liners. I almost bought those two a while back but I as always hesitant to buy the more expensive makeup, esp. if I know I prob. won't use them.

    My favs. this month was: (some not makeup related, I might even blog about this later. lol).

    - LOREAL Intense Liquid Eyeliner (Its my all time fav. overall lol).
    - MAC e/s Divine Knight
    - Maybelline Eye Studio gel liner in blackest black.
    - REVLON lipstick matte in 001 Nude Atitude
    - VS Pro Camo Concealer Palette
    - UD 24/7 eye pencils in: Yeyo, Stash
    - Rhoto Ice eye drops
    - V8 Fusion Veg&Fruit Strawberry Banana Juice
    - Dr. Pepper Cherry
    - Copic Ciao Markers
    - Clinique 3-step skin care system
    - Dior Cherie Perfume

  4. B Sparkly

    fall in love mark product so much so that I become a rep for them I use the skin care product and it feels amazing on my skin and smalls so yummy. Check out my blog under what’s in you closet?