OPI "Shrek Forever After'' Summer 2010.

on Sunday, February 7, 2010. Filed under: , ,

Have you heard of the new Shrek collection from OPI? I'm a bit excited about this!

I love the pastel-ish colors in this collection! I wish my Sally's Beauty would sell OPI collections!

Which colors do you plan on getting?

*source: here.

6 Responses to OPI "Shrek Forever After'' Summer 2010.

  1. LOLanne

    oooooh very pretty... i loooove the whats with the cattitude + rumple's wiggin + who the shrek are you!

    ... oh and fiercely fiona lol


  2. BLV's Mommy

    Funkey Dunky looks pretty! Actually I love all of them! I love OPI! =)

  3. Dana Yoshimizu

    I know I sound boring, but I mainly only wear pinks XD None of the colors pop out enough. If I don't wear pink it has to be a nice bold color

  4. 6o4honey

    hey girl! thanks for following my blog :) ahhh i didn't know they had a shrek collection!! pretty cute colors.

  5. OceanDreams

    How cute and what a fun idea! I love it!

  6. Kym

    ooooo i love those colors!!! they remind me of summer... oh summer, i miss thee. hahaha! i can't wait to get yellow nails again this year! :)