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I have been going nuts for years trying to find leggings that I use to wear when I was a kid. Of course, that was over 10 years ago but a girl can have hope. Cant she? In fact! My service rep at Sprint last week was wearing the leggings I was looking for, but I was a bit too shy to ask her where she got them from, darn. I shoulda just asked!

Anyway, they're looser leggings (my knees turn inwards so I hate wearing really tight leggings that show that my knee's are... different) and they had a loop on the bottom where you put your foot in. I dont know if I painted a well enough picture. My mom said she got them at Mervyn's but as we know, the company went out of business.

I've searched everywhere. At least... I thought I did. I came across these on the F21 site. And they look just like the ones I'm looking for, minus the loop at the bottom.

I thought I'd post my search here, maybe one of you can point me in the right direction? I dont know why I didnt think of posting it here sooner! :)

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  1. LOLanne

    the "loop" on your leggings are called stirrups ;)
    not sure buuut you might have an easier time tracking down your childhood leggings if you search for "stirrup leggings"

    anddd im pretty sure your knees arent as bad as you think they are... we're are own worst critics!


  2. cherz ...master

    "Stirup tights"

    Here's a sample.

    I believe they still seem them for kids too. If you can fit into children sizes (I know I can sometimes lol) you might find it

    GOod luck

  3. BLV's Mommy

    Oooh! I totally know what you're talking about! The loop was made of some sort of elastic, right? I haven't seen any in years! I hope you find them! Let me know! =) I frickin loved those!

  4. xoladiihoneyxo

    Congrats on finding them! =] I'm sure you're happy. hehe. From what I remember, my mommy made them for me, especially with this elastic thing going under my heel too. lol. it's good to wear underneath jeans or sweat pants in the winter to stay warm ;] we do it, if it's in style or not. haha.

  5. betz

    stirrups leggings are classic. i love it. it must be very exciting for you to see that perfect leggings.


  6. The Owl Diary

    Best of luck finding them! & How funny that you mentioned Mervyns. I used to work there before they went out of business. xx

  7. Kym

    oooo! i totally remember the loop on the bottom leggings! haha!

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