January 10' favorites.

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I know I've been missing a lot of monthly favorites from the last few months of last year, so I decided to just start over in January. January 2010 favorites are:

Mark. Matte Chance Mattifying Lotion
Since I have dry skin on my face, which can be extremely irritating especially during the Winter and colder months, I'm always on the search for a good facial moisturizer. I've started to notice oily eyelids the last few weeks, and some shine around the forehead (dry and oily?! Whyyy?!) so I decided to give Mark.'s Matte Chance a try. It says to apply both morning and night, but I only apply it at night. As far as moisturizing, it works great! I love this facial moisturizer. I wish I could tell you if the "mattifying" part works! I'll put it to the test this week.

Mark. Berry Grand Super Exfoliating Beads
Lately I've only been using Mark.'s Calming Effect face cleanser and though I do love it, I still need an exfoliator! Along with the dry skin, comes dead skin as well. And besides, is it just me or does exfoliating your skin just feel good?! Like, it can breathe again! I decided to give this one a try, and even though the picture plainly looks like its a dry product, I was a little sad to see that it was a dry product!! Haha. You're suppose to mix this with your facial cleanser. So in my case, I mix it with Calming Effect and it's perfect for my skin. Just a word of advice... even though it says Cranberry/Pomegranate it does not taste like it!! I didnt eat it on purpose, I tend to keep my mouth open when I exfoliate. No clue why but I really should stop lol.

Mark. Jewel Body Cream
I am IN LOVE with this scent!!! OMGOSH. It's suppose to be a caramel-ish type of scent and it is, for the most part but it's also got a faint floral scent to it as well. Either way, it reminds me of a scent of my childhood. I cant exactly pin point where or what, but it does! As far as moisturizing, it does a good job of keeping my hands moisturized, but it does need some reapplying from time to time.

MAC Creme in Your Coffee Lipstick
I dont remember where I heard of this from... but I usually use this lipstick as my go to. When I have time to go to something lol. Its hard to find a lipstick color that goes good with my skin tone (I bought Blankety on Valentines Day and it looks horrible on my skin tone). I'm usually attracted to darker colors but I dont want super-dark-goth lipstick (oh how I wish those days were still in, this would make life so much more easier). Creme In Your Coffee is the perfect balance for me. Its d ark but not too dark. It makes me feel like I'm right between nude and dark. And I love the vanilla cake scent/taste to MAC lipsticks. Yum!

Flirt Flirtatious! Perfume
I've been wanting this perfume since I started working at Kohls! It smells so good. I cant really describe it... its a fruity floral scent and according to its description it has Exotic Wild Berry, Honeysuckle and Creamy Vanilla. I only managed to grab the .45FL that came out for Christmas stocking stuffers last year (since the full sized bottle is $35!) and according to kohls.com, its now discontinued. Oh, bummer :( its one of my favorite Flirt scents!

If you'd like to see the video version of my January favorites click here.

What were your January favorites?

2 Responses to January 10' favorites.

  1. Rai

    Nice Favorites! I would loooooove to see a swatch of Creme in your coffee on you please! :)

    My favorite was my Caress body wash. It smells DIVINE!

  2. izumi

    LOL! i totally squinch up my face whenever i exfoliate or wash it.. just to make sure it doesn't get in my mouth or eyes :P