Ear flushing!

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About a month ago I had to get my ears flushed. I usually do this once or twice a year. I tried to get my doctor to do it prior to having to leave for my wedding but she said they were fine. So, after coming back from my wedding, I figured I really needed my ears flushed. My right ear was so full of wax that I could not sleep on my right side at all without my right ear plugging up. Not even for a minute. And being a side sleeper, this was extremely frustrating! 

So I originally went to the hospital to check if I had asthma. I was having a hard time breathing and I use to smoke in high school. I was afraid it was catching up to me! I was really mostly worried about this because I know the military disqualifies you if you have asthma. 

It turns out I didn't, whew. Thank goodness! So I asked her to flush my ears. She did a quick check and decided to just flush both but said that my right ear was full of wax.

The very very first time I ever did this, I was a kid and they used the water flushing technique but when my earwax popped out, it was a solid ball. For some reason, it doesn't come out that way anymore. She had her assistant do it. So she did my left ear first. She was having some trouble getting it out and I could feel the wax moving but according to her it wasn't coming out. So she left it alone and said that it might just fall out during a shower or later that night. Then she moved on to the right ear. It took a few flushes but she eventually pulled out this huge glop of ear wax. I couldn't really see it because I didn't have my glasses on but my husband was making faces and talking about how disgusting it was later. And not many things disgust him lol. Darn, I wish I coulda seen what was preventing me from sleeping on my right side!!

So the wax in my left ear eventually did come out. We were on our way to having lunch at Olive Garden and something was tickling my ear, so I scratched the inside of it and a huge glop of ear wax was on my finger. So I scratched some more until I ended up scooping out all of the wax with my finger. It's probably the most disgusting feeling in the world! OMG. But I had to get it out!

I like flushing my ears because they feel all nice and clean and dry but then I don't like flushing my ears because everything's so damn loud for the first two weeks! I mean, goodness, was I going deaf?! I'm just glad I can now sleep on my right side lol!

So do any of you get your ears flushed? Or have you ever gotten yours flushed?

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  1. Lisa


    Sorry I've been so... late in blog reading. It's my first free weekend in a while since midterms are done and finals are in two weeks, lol.

    Anyway, I've gotten my ears flushed when I was really young. Looked like a BEE came out of my ear UGH.

    Thursday, a giant thing of earwax fell out of my ear (or I picked it out???) during the middle of my midterm, haha pleasant.

  2. My-My

    I havent gotten my ears flushed. but I used to be an MA (long story) and I worked as the assistant who would help with the flushing technique. Yep, lots of glops I've seen. lol.

  3. xoladiihoneyxo

    Ears flush? Probably once when I was younger at around 5. It probably wasn't even an ear flush; not so sure but they used alcohol and medical stuff so probably not. There was a lot blood and I remember crying a lot during the whole procedure at the hospital, so I'm guessing not? lol. Why don't you just use q-tip to clean your ears after showers? That must of felt weirdddddd when they ear flushed for you. At least your husband was there, being with you! lol. Show pictures from the wedding =]

  4. Denise

    HI! Stopping by from Friday Follow to say Hello!
    I want to come back and read more & am now following you.
    Please stop by and say Hi!

  5. Rayray

    1 word hazel. gross. hahaha I did get my ear flushed though and for some reason, it felt good. No lie! lol.

  6. Tina

    Ohh I remember wax balls when I was little. I swam a lot, so water would always stop(?) up my ears and I'd slap my other side of head to pop it out.. lol.