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One of the things I'm completely utterly obsessed with these days is... Wicked. The musical. I saw it on Sept 12th, 2009 in memory of my grandfather (who I use to watch Return to Oz with all the time, Sept 12th is his birthday) and I fell in love with Wicked! I'm going to see it for my 6th time this weekend. I've also formed a friendship with two of the actors lol. I adore them both, they're two of the most inspiring and positive people ever.

Last Sunday was our main Elphaba's last day, Teal Wicks (and sadly this Sunday is another one of our Elphaba's last day, Vicki Noon who happens to be my favorite Elphaba) so we went to show our support!

There's two things my husband can not get in the way of; highlighting my hair and Wicked! Hehe.

Neka Zang - me - Nicolas Dromard
Witch's mother/ensemble - me - Fiyero

Me & Teal Wicks (and Vicki Noon in the background)
I wasn't ready, husband tried to get both Elphaba's in my pic lol.

Have you seen Wicked? If you did, who was your favorite character?

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  1. chelleyreads

    you went to see wicked! i'm so jealous. we ended up seeing avenue q when i was in NY--that was fun! but i wanted to see wicked badly. my favorite character would have to be elphie.