Review: Always Infinity Super Absorbency Pads.

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I'm a huge fan of Always pads. But I'm not a fan of pads with wings. As far as my experience goes, the wings never really worked.

I got a sample of these when I bought one of those "save boxes" for my tampons. But I figured that pads these thin couldnt possibly protect me! My flows are pretty heavy and if the normal pads didnt do a great job of preventing leaking, how the heck are these even thinner pads suppose to help? So I didnt give them a shot.

I went to pick up some pads with my sister in law a few months ago and she suggested I try these, I told her about how my flows are far too heavy to even think that pad would help me. But she swore to me that they actually DO work. She said both her and my mother in law use them and never had a problem with it. So I said I'd give it a shot and if they didnt work, I'd blame her for the rest of her life lol.

So I tried them. They're really thin. And if you're like me, and you hate the feeling of pads then these will put a smile on your face. They feel as thin as a pantyliner, which made me think even more that they wouldnt work. So I put them on and used the wings (even though I was convinced they werent going to work either) and went about my day. My flow was indeed heavy that day but the pads worked. Oh my gosh they worked! It was amazing! I didnt leak, the pad didnt budge, the wings didnt irritate and scratch my thighs... it was amazing!

Thinking I was just having a lucky month, I tried them the following month and again, they worked! These pads are seriously heaven sent. Oh my gosh! Where have they been my whole life!

Thin, super absorbent, and comfortable! With menstrual periods being painful and icky, this is exactly what us girls need in our lives! I highly recommend you try them if you havent already!

The only downside? They dont have the wipe that comes with the other pads.

7 Responses to Review: Always Infinity Super Absorbency Pads.

  1. .maitai

    Yes! Thank you sooo much for posting this hun!! I've been looking for better pads! I'm gonna run to the store and pick some up right now!

  2. Rai

    I prefer wings! lol

  3. M

    as random as this entry is... i LOVE IT!! i will indeed try this LOL!

  4. Angela

    Thanks for this post! I was curious to see how well they hold up!

  5. freshelle

    wooo pads!!!! haha i love always pads too. i got a sample of these in the mail a while ago, but haven't used them yet. i'll defintely pull them out next month!

    thanks for your comment. you can find annabelle products here:

    although i think they prob have it on ebay as well. hope this helps!

  6. My-My

    I like wings too! I tried these pads right when they hit the shelves. They are great! I'm glad you like them.

    Hey Marie, just wondering if you sent out the Christmas/Wedding Giveaway packages from Jan. 7? :)

  7. mayaari

    bit of a random review, but I have to agree that these pads are great - I prefer the wings to help keep the pads in place during the day, but I totally love whatever they've used to make these.