Review: Earplanes.

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I thought I had posted an entry about this somewhere, but I guess I didnt. I actually posted it on my wedding blog (and it wasnt about Earplanes but about a different type of ear plug but I discovered Earplanes right after)! Darn, okay so I have a problem with flying. My ears dont do well with pressure when the plane lands, its probably the most painful experience I have. And it's pretty much every single time I land on a plane.

I found out about Earplanes in October of last year by complete accident and of course, I'm always looking for an better type of ear plug to use on planes than the ones I used previously. Especially since my fiance (at the time) was in the Air Force and his Basic Tra
ining was in Texas (flying within CA, its fine. I can stay awake through the flight to keep popping my ears myself. NV, is a bit more of a hassle since the flight is longer but TX?! I was tempted not to go considering how far it was). More of that here.

My sister in law and I went on an epic search for them. We found them at CVS, then at Bed Bath and Beyond... for $1 less than we found them at CVS, then at Wal Mart for $2 less than what we found them for at CVS. Lesson of the day? Next time I fly, I'm going to Wal Mart.

This is what they look like. They feel like they're made of silicone and they have a screw type of tip, where as my other ones were just fluffy foam in the shape of a fingertip.

As for the airplane experience with these...

I used these on our way to and from Las Vegas for our wedding. On the way there, I could still hear my ears popping as we lifting off, I had no problem hearing the pilot when he spoke on the overhead and I had no pain or discomfort through out the flight. Landing was painless, I could hear my ears popping but I experienced again, no pain or discomfort as far as the pressure went. I did however experience discomfort from having the earplug in my right ear for too long. But as soon as I removed them after we landed, my ears were perfect and pressure free!

Leaving Las Vegas, I think I inserted the one on the right wrong. Taking off, I could hear the popping in my right ear, and I experienced a bit of discomfort, I could feel the "big" pops but it felt like the earplugs were trying to stop it from reaching painful. Landing however, was painful. It wasnt as painful as it usually is (where I'm squeezing my head against my husband). When we landed, my right ear was filled with pressure and I was in pain.

The thing I dont like about ear plugs is that you dont really know which way is the right way to put them on. Yes they show you pictures and give you instructions, but as far as knowing that they're on right, is something that you dont really know.

All in all, I do recommend these if you're like me and you have painful flights, besides putting the earplug on wrong on the way home, these worked wonderful.

5 Responses to Review: Earplanes.

  1. Dana Yoshimizu

    I'm glad they worked the first time you used them. Sorry to hear you were in pain on the way back though :(

    && RYC - there were two claws in our seafood pot :P

  2. LOLanne

    ooooh ive never heard of these before... i dont really go on trips that require flying buuut i do feel you on the painful landing/takeoff!


  3. JL ♪ GiLiNG

    JANEL♥ » I think i've seen these before, but never tried them. I guess it's because we go on short flights. But next time we go on a long one, I'll keep an eye out for these when we go to walmart.

  4. Dana Yoshimizu

    NorCal isn't that boring, you just have to drive long distances to get there. XD LOL

    Oh my gosh 4 times, you LUCKY! :D

  5. Angela

    Sucks about the pain, glad you found something that can help!