Cherry Culture 30%-70% off sale!

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To those of you who didnt participate in the NYX sale, you're lucky. I just recieved an email from Cherry Culture having a 30% - 70% off sale. And yes, that includes most of the things from the NYX sale. Not only did they include products from the NYX sale but a few extra products as well as products from Amuse, Sinful, Perks and a few other companies. Oh and their shipping for orders under $40? $5. I'm a little mad about this lol. But luckily I had been saving up some points from my Cherry Culture purchases and redeemed them into a gift card!

I bet my Cherry Culture package will get here before my NYX (and I made my NYX order yesterday)!

If you're interested in checking out Cherry Culture's sale, click here.

5 Responses to Cherry Culture 30%-70% off sale!

  1. xoladiihoneyxo

    I think if you purchase more than $50 from Cherry Culture then it's free shipping =] hehe. Thanks for letting us know! =] I didn't buy anything from the NYX sale. haha.

  2. Dana Yoshimizu

    Okay I was about to go check out what they had and more than likely buy something. BUT for some reason their page takes SO LONG to upload. I guess too many people at the same time or smething. OR maybe it's fate telling me I don't need more. LOL

  3. ~PakKaramu~

    Pak Karamu visiting your blog

  4. izumi

    very pretty collection! i wonder how that peach looks :)

    ROTC: I can make a purse keychain in silver also.. but I don't have the exact same key. We can browse around together and look for something similar, then custom purchase it for you.. OR you can e-mail me and I can send you a picture of the silver keys that I have currently in stock :) Let me know!

  5. Nancy Vue

    i just bought NYX products at the fragrance outlet in allen, TX. it's one of the stores usually found at those premium outlets you can find throughout the us. it was any 5 products for $9.95. includes loose powder, brushes, eyelashes and other makeup. GREAT DEAL- $2 a pop for loose powder that usually runs $10+.