China Glaze: Wizard of Ooh Ahz.

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I finally got my hands on the Wizard of Ooh Ahz collection from China Glaze.

L - R: C-C-Courage, Dorothy Who, Ruby Pumps, The Ten Man, Good Witch & Cowardly Lyin'.

If you didnt know, I'm a huge fan of the Wizard of Oz (and Wicked the musical) so I had to get this collection! I didnt get the pretty little box it came with, sadly.

I'm disappointed to see that there's no green! The Wicked Witch gets no love?


I just remembered why there isnt a green in the collection. They released Emerald Sparkle with the Christmas collection which came out right before this and they didnt want to duplicate a color in the following collection.

I say they still shoulda added it! Or a new different green!


8 Responses to China Glaze: Wizard of Ooh Ahz.

  1. LOLanne

    im suprised they dont have green either!! when i think of wizard of oz... first 2 things that pop up = ruby red + green witch!

  2. Denysia

    Ohhh... the blue one with sparkles looks nice! :D

  3. xoladiihoneyxo

    I love China Glaze! =]

  4. Velvet

    Hello,I love this collection too! I thought the same thing about the green. They could've given us a different shade of emerald!

  5. Dana Yoshimizu

    I'm on the same boat with Anne! I would have totally expected them to put a green one in. I mean come on, "Emerald city" ~!

  6. Kym

    ooo lala! i love c-c-c-courage!

  7. 玩美的


  8. Tina

    I love china glaze. I must get more. lol I only have: For Audrey, VII, Periwinkle. I love matted polishes. :D