OPI Alice In Wonderland Collection.

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OPI is to release an Alice In Wonderland collection inspired by the new Tim Burton film. I dont think there's a release date as of yet.

Off with Her Red! – A glowing, empowering hot red
The Red Queen: Cruel ruler of Underland, she cuts off the heads of those who disagree with her. She would rather be feared than loved.

Absolutely Alice - An absolutely amazing blue glitter
Alice Kingsley: Beautiful but slightly off-kilter, sees the world differently than most. In the Rabbit Hole, she seeks to write her own destiny.

The Mad Hatter: Formerly the White Queen’s hatter. Now, he is part of the Underland Resistance and driven to madness by guilt.

Thanks so muchness! For this "much-have" red shimmer
And lastly…; As if the tale was not adventurous enough, one more shade to color your own Underland over and over.

Ahh! I'm not a fan of OPI, but I'm going to snatch up this entire collection!

I also heard that MAC is releasing a Disney Villains collection next year, but the majoirty of things are re-promotes (like Cakeshop shade stick, wtf?). I'll post more info when I get more. But so far, it doesnt look too promising. What is it with MAC releasing collection after collection but half of the new collection are all re-promotes?! Ugh.

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