Turning ONE!

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My one year anniversary for this blog is coming up, OCT27! I didnt realize it was so soon. But in celebration on my one year anniversary, I'm going to be doing a give away to all my lovely supporters!

Curious to know what my first entry was (I know I was)? Click here.

I'm so thankful for blogger! I've met some really awesome people here and I've come a long way! I started this blog to just record my haul's (I have a bad habit of buy things I already have, I kinda go blank when I buy things) and I didnt expect people to start following me! So after getting a few followers I decided to do reviews (which I'm still working on, I'm horrible at explaining things). My happiest moment? Finding out I have a Google page rate of 1 =). I know its just 1. But it was a nice surprise to find! So thank you, to all my followers, people who read my blog and supporters. I love you guys!

So the giveaway!

There isnt much to it at all. Just leave a comment. That's all haha. Though I would love if you could tell me how I could improve my blog. I'll be picking a random winner from the comments section. The winner will be picked on the 27th. There isnt any way to get an extra entry or anything (sorry!). Its just a thankful for all the support!

I havent decided on how many winner's I'll have (I should just have one since its my one year anniversary, but I dont feel that's enough). The prizes will include Mark, ELF and MAC! So good luck!

12 Responses to Turning ONE!

  1. lipton|TEE

    Awe, congrats on reaching 1 year! I'll be so excited when I've reached that time point on my blog!!

  2. xoladiihoneyxo

    wow. I've never tried Mark or Mac before. hahaha. Congrats on the one year anni!!! =] Your giveaway is so easy but I guess that's all good ;] I always comment anyways so mwahahahaha! 2-in-1 deal ;]

  3. izumi

    how fun :) :) congrats on the (upcoming) one year! i have no idea when mine is o__O

    i'd just like to see more posts xD i'm not picky.

  4. Chommie

    1 year already?! mine isnt until next year! congrats :)

  5. Lisa Kate

    Congrats, doll!!

    I'd say more reviews! I love reading them XD

  6. Rai

    Congrats to making it to a year!!

    I would like to see some makeup looks, reviews of the mark products I know that you're hauling (lol), swatches, etc.!

  7. OceanDreams

    Oh how exciting, I cannot wait until this comes out! I love that it goes with the movie...Thanks for joining my blog, I am following yours too, have a great day!

  8. wifey-ine

    i don't know how i managed to miss your giveaway but i see that you've extended it so here i am participating!

    i'd love to see your mark product reviews and maybe some looks using mark. i've always been interested in ordering it but no one really does P.R's on them. :/

    and i've been on a "no make up purchases" for a long time (not counting drugstore products) so i'm crossing my fingers. good luck to everyone!


  9. Dana Yoshimizu

    YAY! Happy 1 Year hun! ^__^

    My blog turned 1 this month too :) hehe

  10. e.motion in motion

    Congrats! I'd like to see more FOTDS and swatches :D

  11. mint

    congrats on the anniversary and wedding! hope to see more photos of your big day =)

  12. mayaari

    congrats on your blogiversary :) and on your upcoming wedding!