Busy busy!

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I totally forgot about my giveaway yesterday until right before I went to sleep. As in, while I was laying in bed LOL.

Today marks two months til my wedding. And I still havent found a dress, so you can only imagine how stressed out I am. Not to mention everything else I dont have (which is pretty much everything but I did decide on table decors yesterday, kinda). And also that the dress I wanted doesnt even come out til January 2010! What in.... blah. Whatever, if you wanna know more about how much this wedding is giving me a migraine please click here.

So I was thinking, its a bit silly to end a giveaway on the one year anniversary. Shouldnt you start the giveaway on the one year anniversary? Not to mention that out of 70 subs only 7 people participated. So, I'm going to extend the giveaway to Nov 1st. Details about the giveaway can be found here.


In happier news, yay!! I've been makeup blogging for a year!!!

How awesome is that! Okay maybe not that awesome, but hey. I can be excited! I need to remember to post my September favs before it turns to November lol. So sorry for the lack of updates, things are just really hectic (and all this time I thought things would slow down once he left... so much for that)!

3 Responses to Busy busy!

  1. wifey-ine

    wow, you're getting married in 2 months??? how exciting is that?! i never had an official wedding because my hubby and i eloped. i'd love to hear all your wedding dets!

  2. xoladiihoneyxo

    go to David's Bridal or Filene's Basement and track that gown down! lol.... or maybe you can go to a tailor and get it custom made? You're not going to rent one right? I know this may sound dumb but I think you should just buy one to keep. LOL. PASS IT DOWN!!! hahaha. Probably by then, our style is out. LOL. and seriously... only 7!? =O Am I one of them....? hmmmz.. I think I already did it but who knows!

  3. Rai

    I would be a nervous wreck! lol
    Are you guys just having a small wedding?

    Good luck with everything! (: