Long time no... write?

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Hi everyone :)

I know its been awhile since I've written anything. The last week has been hectic with our engagement party, preparing for Martin to leave and Martin actually leaving. Worst night of my life. I knew saying bye would be hard, but I didnt think it would be that hard. Our lives change today and its just so insane to think about. We always knew in the back of our head that the military would end up in our life but its just insane to think that its happening. You know? All those people who talk about how hard it is every deployment, that stuff is now happening to me. It's just, insane. I'm feeling better today, maybe because the sun is finally out! I dont feel like so much of a zombie like I did yesterday. My mind's all over the place coming up with idea's of things to do. I was attempting to plan the wedding yesterday and ended up just giving up LOL. Its hard when hes not here to give me his input! But if you're interested in knowing my wedding planning struggles then you can find that here. I know, I have a blog for everything. What can I say, I love blogging and I love recording my struggles.


I have a few hauls that I had meant to post and didnt get time to. I hate making haul videos cause they're so short since I dont haul as much as I use to. I made a few hauls yesterday (cause when you're sad you have to haul lol) and I'm planning a huge MAC haul for the end of the year. I saw they posted up the holiday collections on the site and got super excited! I cant wait to swatch everything!

I'm planning on switching everything around. I'm in the process of changing my entire jewelry collection so I'll have to get rid of everything I already made! Watch out for that sale! I'll be adding more things to the blog sale. I'm thinking of revamping this blog, but I happen to really like the layout lol. We'll see.

Also! I'll be holding a few special mark. offers when you order from my site to save up some money for the wedding!

Oh yah, I got my ELF Studio palette replacement and its not shattered. Whoohoo!

5 Responses to Long time no... write?

  1. izumi

    sorry if i'm commenting twice, hahah. i'm not sure if my last comment went through o__O

    oo lalaaa :) nice! i love separating my blogs, hahaha. wedding planning blog!! were you still interested in us (blkswanstudios.com)?

  2. Rai

    He's being deployed overseas?
    Ahh, I couldn't date someone in the military...I'd be an emotional wreck. STAY STRONG! :)

    Can't wait to see your hauls.

  3. Rai

    Distance killed my relationship with Martin, amongst other things. It became hard for us to see eachother this year. :(

    LOL. Yea distance probably will help you guys. It's just scary with all this war stuff.

  4. e.motion in motion

    Wishing you all the best girl, distance is hard but hopefully benefitting =) We're all here for ya hehe. Wedding planning! I can only imagine the stress lol I think I'd become a bridezilla XD

  5. izumi

    sarah @ sarah sakamoto . com

    :) looking forward to hearing from you! <3