Favorite makeup wipes.

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When I first started with makeup, I was using Victoria's Secret eye makeup remover and man that stuff was harsh on my eyes!

I would practice putting on eyeliner and after about 3 times I had to stop for the day because the makeup remover was rubbing my eyelids raw! After that I moved on to makeup remover wipes. The first one I tried was Neutrogena.

I used this for a good amount of time, but I hated the oily feeling it gave you after using it. And through it wasnt as harsh as the Victoria Secret, it still made my eyes raw. So I started trying all kinds of different brands. I've tried Mark., Kirkland, ELF and Boots 7.

Of all the ones I've tried, I have to say Boots 7 is my favorite. It does everything I want a makeup remover to do! Removes cream eyeliner with ease, removes makeup quick and easily, it doesnt irritate my eyes at all, I dont need to rub my eyes to get my makeup off I can simply just wipe and its gone! I dont mind that they only sell these at Target since I'm always at Target. Target is my uber favorite store.

Another makeup wipe that I like is the ELF Studio Makeup Wipes. This works just like the Boots 7. Not exactly but its a nice dupe. The problem I have with these wipes however are that they're too soaked in the solution and when I wipe my eyes with it, sometimes I end up squeezing the solution into my eye and it stings! But it does do a great job of taking off your makeup. I have yet to find a way to un-soak it. Also, I dont like how it has that oily after feeling.

I havent had the pleasure of trying the MAC wipes yet, but I have used them in the store to wipe my hand. I love the way they smell! I'll hopefully be able to try them sometime at the end of this month or early next month.

If you havent tried Boots 7, you should!

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  1. izumi

    very nice :) i really love the kirkland brand makeup wipes at costco!

  2. Tina
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  3. Tina

    Great entry. I really need alot of info. on makeup removers. I'm loving Skin Genesis by Loreal. It smells so great! It's soft and oily and foams as you wash your face w/it. And removes all makeup. After that I used St. Ives scrub(s) to get the dirt, oil, whatever makeup leftover leaving it smooth! But LOREAL Skin Genesis is so awesome! As for makeup towelettes.. I get a stingy feel and my eyes sore using ELF Studio's. I do like Garnier's though, but I want to try the Boots no 7.

  4. Rai

    I haven't tried my E.L.F. wipes yet, I still have some of my Cucumber ones left.

    I have yet to try Boots out, though it's in Target. I've only eyed it every now and then.

  5. xoladiihoneyxo

    I've never had a problem with the Neutrogena make-up wipe cloths. The one I have problem with is the Neutrogena in the purple package (night-calm? I think that's what kind it is). But it doesn't remove eye make-up as well as the purple package =T It doesn't give me an oily feeling because I usually just splash my face with water afterward. hmmmz... I'll try out boots when I see it! =D It's not the kind that you soak in water and then wipe your face right? I hate those -___- I used Dove and Aveeno but it wasn't a great experiment for me. haha.

  6. e.motion in motion

    I have yet to try the Neutrogena wipes, aughh didn't think they'd be oily :( I hated the ELF wipes lol XD I'm also using the Kirkland ones right now, they're okay. So far my favs have been either Equate or Epielle wipes. But I'm totally loving Almay eye m/u remover wipes, doesn't sting my eyes at all and works super good =)

  7. Anonymous

    Hey Marie! Forgot to ask you to post your email address so I can invite you to the Happy Moments blog :)