ELF Studio Medium Makeup Collection.

on Sunday, October 4, 2009. Filed under: , ,

I ended up ordering the ELF Studio Medium Makeup Collection, out of curiosity.

I really really hate the way they ship these. My first Mini Makeup Collection was the same, with all the dust and stuff on it.

I found the reason why there was dust all over!

One of my eye shadow's were completely shattered! So every time I slid it open or closed, the chunks of eye shadow that were shattered would get everywhere.

I already contacted them about it and they're sending a replacement, but what am I gonna do with this one? It looks like a really nice palette and it is actually really big for a medium, I'd hate to see how big the large is! I didnt swatch any of the colors, so I dont know how the pay off is, the mess was just irritating to deal with.

The complete palette. I'll let you know if my second one comes shattered too. I really hope it isnt!

6 Responses to ELF Studio Medium Makeup Collection.

  1. Tina

    It looks good.
    But bummer about the shatter!
    I'm always skeptical about buying big palettes these days. :[
    But gl w/the next one and hope it isn't shattered!
    P.S. Cute pics on Facebook! Yall are so cute! :D :D

  2. xoladiihoneyxo

    wow.. looks really shattered =T

  3. Dana Yoshimizu

    Darn, that really sucks :( I hoping the new one doesnt' come with any broken shadows

  4. e.motion in motion

    That sucks! My mini had that dust all over it too but nothing was broken thank goodness. Hope your next one comes in okay!

  5. izumi

    aw. man. sucks that it was shattered!! :( but other than that, it looks pretty awesome (:

  6. Mocmoc

    my bad. I couldn't go to your Party. Pretty occupied that day and I hella just left on facebook without saying anything. I feel horrible. believe me lol.