New ELF Studio products.

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I think I mentioned in a previous entry before that ELF was releasing new studio palettes. Kinda like their Mini Makeup Collection. Well I just checked the site and the new palette's are out!

This is the Medium Makeup Collection.

This is the Large Makeup Collection.

I was super excited for these to finally be released and finding out they released two of them was even better! BUT, the prices are a lot higher than what I'm use to when it comes to ELF. The Medium Makeup Collection is $30 and the Large Makeup Collection is $40. So unless there's another 75% off Studio code going around (or the one that just came out is still valid) I dont think I'll be spending that much money to get these palettes.

They also released this: 2-in-1 Conditioning Gloss. Which kinda reminds me a lot of the mark. Chic Duet Color and Shine Lip Gloss. I bought the mark one and I havent used it, so I doubt I'll be buying this one either.

I finally received my ELF Studio haul yesterday! The first package got lost and so I had to wait an extra week to get it, ugh. But they're all here and I'll be posting my haul sometime this week. I was gonna do it last night but I didnt wanna take pictures at night, the lighting would be crap. I must say, I expected them to be a bit... bigger. And also I'll be holding a giveaway soon for ELF Studio Eye shadow's!

So I have a little rant...

A while back I posted that I made an ELF social networking site on Ning. And I had mentioned the ELF re-tweeted my social networking site to their twitter. They posted it a few times actually. Well a week after that, they released their own social networking site. And for some reason, it kinda hurt my feelings. I know, crazy right? Why would that hurt my feelings. But I guess had they mentioned or had it before I made mine, I wouldnt had been so hurt. But since they didnt, it kinda seemed like they made their own to make mine insignificant and that they got the idea from me. Because really, what other makeup company has their own social networking site?! Of course I made one because as you all know I'm a HUGE ELF fan. And I wanted to have a place where ELF fans could discuss their favorite or least favorite products, etc etc.

I was thinking of sending them an email about it. But I'm wondering if its even worth it. I'm sure to them I'm just a disposable customer. I dont know, half of me says to say something the other half says to just leave it alone and I'm making a big deal out of nothing. To be honest, since its happened I havent even been on the ELF site til today to check on the palette. So I mean, my feelings must be hurt cause you guys know I spend a lot of time on that site! I dont know, what do you guys think?

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  1. Dana Yoshimizu

    Oh wow, it sure seems like ELF is really branching out. Gosh it was weird reading that one of their palletes is as much as $40! I'm just not used to the idea of paying so much for an ELF product XD

    & omg that just doesn't seem right what they did. If I waas you I'd send an email expressing how you feel since you did start the networking page out of pure love for ELF

  2. Rai

    Oh hell no @ $30 & $40!!
    lmao. Those things probably cost less when they order them in like hundreds from the manufacturers.

    I wouldn't even dare. lmao.
    I bet they end up lower them! haha.

  3. The Makeup

    the price does seem a bit much compared to their other products...

    yeah. my feelings might be hurt alittle too. Since they acknowledged your idea and then did it. But im sure you will still have fun in their network. :)

  4. Lisa Kate

    Yowza! Holy inflation! I'd rather spend $50 on the new UD Book of Shadows, thankyouverymuch.

    That really sucks about the Ning thing...I would probably be upset too, I mean, they knew you did it first? I get the feeling that if you emailed you probably wouldn't get a response or you would get something generic back.

    Keep us updated!!!

  5. izumi

    interesting looking but i dunno about for that much o__O

    sad about how they copied you! :\ but i bet you wouldn't get much of a response.. but you could definitely try and see.

  6. Tina

    Yeah, when I checked it out that is WAY too over priced. I could like go buy 2 BF-Factories palettes instead of that. >_> Plus the mini collection I got on my first huge haul/collection, I didn't like so I gave it to a friend, it was okay but most ELF products don't seem to show on my face like for one the eyeliner's that cost $1 didn't even want to line my eyes, the white one specifically. :( But yeah, plus I don't like the lipstick in the mini collection it seemed waxy... that's just my opinion, but $30-40 is way too overpriced for this brand. If at $20 then maybe I'd be okay with it, but I have wayyy too many makeup so if you do end up getting it I hope you do a review on it!

    P.S. My order came in this afternoon, I swear I was looking out my door like 5 times today, and finally the mail man came in and handed it to me. :D I was all giddy. Haha. I wrote about it if you are curious what I bought, I'll update more later.

    Oh and I can't wait to see your future haul video and blog!!! :D :D

    You know what I want to try out that I might get soon is VS eye primer. ( have you tried that yet? Or know anyone that reviewed it yet, I kind of want something else besides UDPP!!

  7. debbie

    i don't think you should email them. true, you did work hard on the site... but there's no reason why we can't have more than one social networking site for the love of elf. it makes sense that your feelings are hurt but at the same time, they should be able to do this for their company if they wish to, right?

  8. izumi

    aww yay xD i love kym's shirts!

    and thanks! :D photography is just lots of practice!