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I got my blognerd tee from the wonderful Kym! I love it, I love it, I love it!!! I shoulda asked her to print my URL on the back lol! I could be a walking shameless plug. How awesome would that be!! Sorry, I geeked out for a second there.

She has many other shirts to choose from and shes really sweet to work with! It was a fast and easy transaction and I'm completely satisfied with my order! Also she included a cute note (out of poo paper, when she mentioned it in the letter I made a face LOL) and yummy candies! The red milky ones are the best (can you send me moreeeeeeeee!! just kidding. kinda lol)!!

Yay! Thanks again Kym!

4 Responses to blognerd.

  1. Dana Yoshimizu

    hhaha, oOo the idea of putting your URL at the back would've been pretty cool, lol. BUT then you might end up getting weirdos stalking you or something =/ So best if it's not there. haha

  2. leslielovesmakeup

    lol i agree! stalkers ugh! but cuute shirt!

  3. Kym

    WOooooohooo! glad it got there safe and sound! :) and you know you loved that poo paper marie ;P

  4. twinsouls888

    Wow soooo cute. I really like Kym's shirt designs. It's just too bad that she's halfway around the world from where I am. Tnx for following, followed you back ^_^