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I know I've been M.I.A-ish lately. I feel like I havent been able to spend a day at home relaxing/catching up on stuff (cause I kinda havent). This month is going to be crazy busy for me, the boyfriend is leaving in less than 40 days. I'm nervous, I'm scared, I'm excited, I'm impatient, I'm not ready, time is moving just way too fast for me to catch up. I'm happy and excited for him but I'm worried because I wont hear from him for weeks and hes the only person I really talk to and hang out with. I mean that literally. So what do you do when the only person you really talk to and hang out with has to go fix his life? I'm not sure what I'm gonna do to pass 5 months worth of time without him here, but I guess I'll figure something out. I have to, right? He wants me to get a job but with the way the economy is going, how is that even possible? I'm hoping to work on my crafting while he's gone and have something neat to show him when he comes back. And I'm hoping I dont crawl into a ball under my bed and teach my dog how to bring me snacks for the next five months. I'm hoping.

So with that said, I'm sorry blogger if you seem empty and neglected for the next month. It's nothing personal. Just me trying to hold on for as long as I can to the only person I've got.

In other news...

I finally sent out the packages. It took me awhile how to figure out this shipping thing. I went to FedEx first (they seemed easier!) and that went badly. But my boyfriend was sweet enough to be my assistant all day. He helped me pick out the candies, helped me package everything, helped me write down the addresses on the packages... his exact words were "I wanna help too!" it was the cutest thing ever! Then FedEx ruined by telling me that shipping one paint pot was going to cost me $27. What in... ugh. So went to the post office the next day and their shipping was much much cheaper! Why I didnt think of that sooner, because I was lazy! The post office be closing super early and FedEx is open passed 6PM! Learned my lesson! But I'm glad I figured it out. Dana! I hope you like your stuff! It was the heaviest! Haha.

I finally got around to recording videos for my youtube. Got two reviews (that suck cause I'm bad at recording reviews, so much easier to type them) that I'm going to be posting. My Aug fav's and some other stuff. So yeah, check that ouuuut!

Gonna be posting some haul blogs, gotta start working on more reviews. I havent really been buying/trying new products lately. Every time I wanna buy makeup I think to myself eye shadow or more crystals. I know, bad right?! Haha! So please do check my crafts blog cause I have a feeling that will be update a bit more than this one =). Also I'm gonna be holding a small jewelry sale soon! Oh going to be posting some tutorials soon too!! Once I figure out how... I'm seriously extremely blind so this is gonna be hard for me (video-wise). Gonna be posting EOTD of course. Got a contest coming up! So for those of you who missed out on the ELF sale, you'll get a chance to win some of the new eye shadow's and blushes!

Annnnnnd, that's about it. Stay cool guys, Fall's almost here! =)

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  1. mayaari

    your bf sounds really supportive of all the things you're doing :) yeah fedex/ups/dhl should be avoided unless you absolutely have to send something really quickly - the regular post office is much better for mailing swaps/makeup/jewelry in the mail, so that you don't have to spend more than you make just to deliver items :)

  2. izumi

    yea life sucks for me when the bf's gone and the max he's been away from is has been 3 weeks. it's an odd amount of time.. since we live together, spend every minute together, etc. but jewelry definitely helps :P it's a nice hobby, bloggers are here too, etc. helps that i had a friend or two around the area that i could also hang out with but you can't get yourself stuck in a rut, you have to get out and do something. especially since he's gonna be far away and helpless, and it won't help you that you're frustrated and lonely and he'll get frustrated too that he can't help you :\

    just gotta stay strong! you can do it <3