July Favorites!

on Saturday, August 22, 2009. Filed under: , , ,

I told myself I'd never do this! Simply because I cant possibly be THAT lazy that I cant snap a picture and blog about it instead of linking you to the video. BUT alas, it has happened and to all my wonderful READERS, I'm sorry. You're gonna have to watch a video instead for my favorites for July (knowing how OCD I am, I'm going to totally regret being THIS lazy).

4 Responses to July Favorites!

  1. Sofie

    Nice July favorites! ^^ The ELF polishes looks really nice~

  2. M

    yea, i agree with the last comment. your damn vid talked me into buying the elf nail polish.. i just submitted the order like right now. damn u! lol

  3. izumi

    oh i love the blending brush! i need to get me some more, hahaa. they're great for paintpots too :)

    that's an intense palette! o__O

  4. e.motion in motion

    Ohh I just got the mini and I really like it! But it was free so I don't think I'd want to pay for the larger ones :/

    I got the 2 in 1 gloss and I am not impressed. The color does not show up (I got supermodel) and it's SUPER STICKY and thick. I personally don't like that kind so yeah... :P I suppose it did make my lips seem smoother after though