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This isnt makeup related but I remember some of you wanted to see my jewelry once I started making it. So far I have 2 types of necklaces, a cell phone charm and I'm working on a keychain but its not coming out the way that I want. I cant find the type of chain I'm looking for. I'm also in the process of making 2 types of bracelets, 2 other necklaces and making some stuff for fall! Super excited!

If you're interested in anything posted, let me know! =)

Leo charm + Peridot Butterfly Swarovski crystal.

I made this for my mom for her birthday. She's obviously a Leo and her birthstone is Peridot.

Leo & star charm + Blue Flower Swarovski crystal.

Cell phone charm I made for my mom. It was suppose to be for her birthday, but I got too excited and gave it to her early.

Aquamarine Starfish Swarovski crystal + star chain + star toggle.

This is called "For Audrey" since my best friend Audrey came up with this idea. She wanted the effect that the pendant was "floating" on her, and since I thought that the wire all the way around would be uncomfortable, I put a star chain on the part that rests on the back of your neck and closed it off with a star toggle.

I can change the charm to anything else, it doesnt have to be a starfish.

For more updates on my struggles, findings and work that can be found at my crafts blog here.

3 Responses to Jewelry.

  1. xoladiihoneyxo

    whoa. those are super cute!!!

  2. e.motion in motion

    I love love the green butterfly :D

  3. Dana Yoshimizu

    Wow what nice stuffs <3 I really like the star chain that you used for the "For Audrey" ^__^