NEW ELF Studio Eye Shadow & Blush!!!

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Thank all that is good!!! ELF has finally released Eye Shadow & Blush on their Studio Line! Words probably will never be able to express the happiness and joy I felt when I received the wall post on my Facebook. I screamed and jumped up and down on my boyfriend who was sleeping from excitement! I'm lucky he loves me enough to ask what I was so excited about instead of being so grumpy I woke him up lol.

ELF Studio Single Eye Shadow (pictured: Amethyst). As of now, they currently have 10 shades to choose from, and 2 are already out of stock!

ELF Studio Blush (pictured: Mellow Mauve). 6 shades to choose from, all in stock.

I snagged pretty much all but 1 & the out of stock eye shadows and 2 blushes. I'm not big on blush. How how I wish they would release a half off code for the Studio line right about now! Another thing I'm looking forward to is their new palette which is still in production =(.


Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I've been busy spending time with my boyfriend (he got his leave date for basic training) and it was his birthday yesterday so I had a surprise filled weekend for him that went smoothly. I'm ready to take a week long nap now haha. I've got a few hauls to update on (I finally found MAC Paint Pot in Rollickin!!!), the winner for my Mark. giveaway, the announcement for my new giveaway, reviews, and EOTD posts.

Also! I made a craft blog here. I havent updated it much yet, but I'm going to soon. Creativity is something I struggle with and I've never really been good at crafting, so I figured why not make a blog about it and share my struggles. Maybe even offer some encouragement? Haha.

Alright, I think I'll head to bed now... even though its only 11:33PM!

8 Responses to NEW ELF Studio Eye Shadow & Blush!!!

  1. xoladiihoneyxo

    I want to hear about the blush reviews when you start using them and which color you like best!!! =D I'm sure he was happy to spent all that time with you =] and happy b-late to him! (not like he cares anyways, hahaha)

  2. e.motion in motion

    Ooo exciting! I wanna check out the e/s hehe :D

  3. izumi

    looks like nars packaging!! i want a review pleasee :D

  4. My-My

    You know Marie, you're the only one who gets me excited about ELF products. Their studio line looks so chic, I wanna get them all.

    Speaking of coupons. I believe this is for you.

    I haven't tried all the codes, but last time I checked, Carolina code works. Have fun!

  5. Anonymous

    OoOo!! I have to check these out!!!

  6. Miss Yaya

    i haven't tried it yet - and he is good cuz i would've been grumpy lol

  7. Dana Yoshimizu

    Omg, they look great!! ^__^ I really want to try these out now. You have to do a review for us!

    Gosh, I'll have to make an order soon :)

  8. sparklingpinkgorilla

    did you not hear about the 75% off code? I used it last week and got $75 worth of stuff for $18.75 plus free shipping. They stopped doing the free shipping but the code is still active and it can be used on all the studio line stuff (studio line only). WWYB75S