ELF Contest!

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So the other day me & my boyfriend were running around Walnut Creek trying to find somewhere "creative" to take a picture for the ELF contest I mentioned in my 50 subs blog. We took a bunnnch of pictures and people were actually just staring at me. What, you've never seen a chick with highlight and a brush in her hand before?! Goodness! The picture I actually really wanted to take, I couldnt because there were kids in the plaza splashing in the water fountain and running around.

It came down to these two:

This one was my idea. There's this really funky looking alligator in front of Boudin that I always stare at when I eat there. I kinda knew what I wanted the pic to look like, but then I didnt. So I just did whatever, my boyfriend took the pic and he was like "you look disgusted................... this isnt gonna work out...... lets move on..... from this ugly thing" hahahah! So I took one smiling and he goes "why are you smiling so hard? what did the alligator tell you that was so funny?!" weirdo haha!

This was his idea. It was a really good idea, but it didnt come out the way I wanted. Plus we had to hurry and dodge workers cause you're not suppose to take pictures in stores or something. But he figured it could be like "I feel bad for the person next to me. You cant enjoy ELF if you have no eyes lips OR face" I thought it was pretty funny hahah.

I cant decide between the two and I have until I think... 9PM my time. Since I think the entries cant be turned in passed midnight EST. And I'm on PST, I dunno, I suck at time zones haha!

I wanna post the rest of them cause they're all kinda funny but I'm too lazy to edit all the pictures so, you guys get these two =).

Ahh! I hate deciding between two good things, I always feel like man I shoulda picked the other one when I turn one in! Dont you hate that?! I dont normally enter contests (as you guys can probably tell by now) but I figure this one was simple enough and why not? Even though I dont need any MORE ELF than I already have.

Oh! I put together my mom's birthday gift last night and snapped some pictures, I'll post those in the AM, I'm pooped! I hope she likes her gift! Today's her birthday, yay! Happy Birthday Mama!

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  1. My-My

    out of the 2, i actually like the first one because it's as creative, unique, and RANDOM it can get. lol.

    You're welcome for the review. It was just a quickie one. The more i think about my review, the more I'm getting a little skeptical. I hope its not biased, and that building on the eyeshadow isn't a pain for you, cuz I really did have to build on that sucker. but i like the pink still. lol.

    and yes I am from Vallejo. Actually, yeah, I've been wanting to ask you were you're from, but as I've observed, you like to keep your whereabouts vague. Cuz I know you live in the Bay Area. You go to Ranch 99, that place is bomb! and you have mentioned some restaurants that I believe are in vacaville, You mall it out in Concord (I think?), and you love Sephora which is quite reachable in Pleasant Hill/Concordish, Walnut Creek, and Frisco. So I was all thinking that you are actually REALLY close. hmmm. . . maybe I should actually subscribe to your personal blog so you don't think I'm a stalker. :P lol. but i hope you don't (and don't think) you live in Vallejo. it's so ghetto.

    maybe I should also add that I am a big fan of Greek mythology too! its all because since I was little I am a Hercules and Xena fan geek! dude, why haven't I found your personal blog till now?!

    Make up, Greek Mythology, Bay area?! you're absolutely freaken awesome!

  2. Rai

    ELF is holding this contest?

    lol I say pick the 2nd one, the 1st one looks like he snapped a picture of you and you didn't know.

  3. Kym

    awwww post more!! i love the alligator one! awesome! haha! have a happy saturday marie!

  4. ♥akisa♥

    you've been blogging for 9 years!??! oh my goodness!!

  5. Dana Yoshimizu

    Which one did you decided to send in?

    & HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Mommy! :D

  6. My-My

    I know, animal cruelty is really sad. it's not even accurate. There's a lot of companies that have already stopped animal testing. I guess the good thing is I can still shop for Revlon, NYX, Milani, and Almay. . . some of my favorite drugstore brands. L'oreal is working on it and use both animal testing and alternative methods, they're almost there, but not there yet. Just waiting patiently for them. Almost all of the high-ends don't test on animals. so, I'm not worried about that department.

  7. Kym

    MARIE! did you get my message on your other blog!? anyway, yes email me at kbanguis@gmail.com and we'll talk more there about ze blognerd ;P

  8. ~PakKaramu~

    Pak Karamu reading your blog

  9. ceebabyyx

    lol!! girl..
    you just need to get discovered yet!
    you have greaaatt reviews! I loove your videos..

    hmm, i'll probably do a shout outs video soon.. and i'll definitely feature you!