OMG 50 followers!!!

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Hey guys! I'm so excited! I hit 50 subscribers!!! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! I know 50 isnt that big of a deal, but to me its such a big deal!! I remember having this blog and only had 2 subscribers for like, ever haha. So 50 is a big deal to me!

Like I mentioned in my update blog, I know I've been MIA-ish lately but the good news is the most stressful thing going on now is now over and done with! Yes!! Finally!! So now I'll have much more time to catch up on my updates and my videos (I still havent posted my June favs on youtube yet)! And to pick a winner for my Mark giveaway so I can start my 50 subscribers giveaway!! Still have no clue on what you guys should do lol if you have any idea's, please please let me know! It's not like I can say "re-create a look I did" since I havent posted any yet! Haha. Ooh maybe I'll have you guys answer some questions? Orrr... I was thinking show me your favorite look using ELF cosmetics but... not everyone owns ELF cosmetics so that would be kinda mean! I dont know, let me know what you think I should have you guys do! =)

My ELF haul is almost here!! Thank goodness, I've waited forever for it (I ordered 4 different times)! So hopefully I can post that soon! Got a review coming up soon... and a couple of other things to mention...

  • ELF is having a 75% off sale on all their Mineral Lipsticks, use "getlip" at check out.
  • Win a $25 ELF gift certificate!

  • Join my ELF fans community here.

I know, I sound like a total obsessed ELF-er! Haha. I was totally unaware about MAC's new collection that came out Love That Look. I picked up one eye shadow, I wanted more but I'm trying to ease into a project 10 pan. I say ease because I dont want to make it "official" just yet LOL! I was going to grab 2 things from the Graphic Gardens but I dont have the money for the collection and the blues palette I want is sold out! Even online! I'm super bummed about that! I realized, I hate MAC Paint Pots. Grrr. I'd rather use NYX Jumbo Pencils! Anyone else feel this way?!

Today was a really good day, my long-lost-bro totally made my day today... I wish I could say why or how... but I'd rather not. All I can say is, that he's an amazing friend and I'm so so blessed to have him in my life =).

9 Responses to OMG 50 followers!!!

  1. Sara (The Makeup Snob)

    Congrats! Thats so exciting!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Congratulations!! (>_<) I wanna enter that contest too but I have NO IDEA what I should do...hmmm :S

  3. izumi

    haha hummm.. well. they don't necessarily need to use ELF products? 'cause i def don't have any anymore xD but congrats!! :D

  4. e.motion in motion

    Congrats! I know the feeling it's so nice to get followers I remember when I had 2 also! It's amazing how many nice people you meet here :D Excited for more of your reviews (:

  5. Rai

    Congrats on making it to 50!
    lol. You are a TRUE e.l.f. head! =D

  6. Kym

    yayyyyyyyy for 50 marie! :)

  7. Tina

    congrats!!! =]

  8. My-My

    you're so cute. 50 subscribers is a big deal. you're great with your beauty posts. and it will only increase even more subscribers. You're doing amazing work. and you're just doing what you love.

    in reply to the HiP comment. I actually was skeptical about the "Dashing" duo. Because it is matte, It really is on the light side. When I first applied it, I really thought I bought another skin colored sheer eyeshadow. and I was all "dang it!" but the more you build on it, you'll start seeing a hint of color. . . then you keep going more, then you'll see it's true color. That's why I mentioned it should be applied in a patting motion and a good base. cuz man, its got color payoff, but you really gotta build on it. but in the context of the color, it is lighter than my skin tone, and I'm a bit on the tannish side.

  9. Cristina [BarbieLuvsMac]