75% off ELF studio line!!

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In case you havent heard yet, ELF is having 75% off their Studio Line!!! Now you all know how much I lovelovelove the Studio Line so you know I picked up a couple of everything! Haha. I'll be doing a giveaway soon so even if you miss out on the sale, be sure to check back for my giveaway! I was making my order this morning and the site kept crashing! It looks like its all better (and everything is still in stock! hurry!) now.

Enter WWYB75S at check out to get 75% off!
Thanks for the heads up Rei!

On a totally different note, please please check out and follow my crafts blog too! I'd love your input on what I should make next!

7 Responses to 75% off ELF studio line!!

  1. ceebabyyx

    OMGG!!!!!!!!! i just got a whole bunch of stuff and it only cost 16 bucks! that was including the shipping......

    im sooo excited girl!!!

  2. My-My

    You have no idea how much i WISH i could order from them right now.

    . . . seriously. . . no idea.

    i just bought my textbooks for fall. I'm broke like a joke. damn. . .
    Definitely gonna keep an eye on the giveaway. lol.

  3. xoladiihoneyxo

    wow. thanks for the headsup =D do you know when the sale ends? I want to try elf products. lol.

  4. xoladiihoneyxo

    lol. yeah. I saw that in your blog. I read it, you know? hahaha. I know I won't win any giveaways because I always end up not winning. hahaha. It's not my kind of luck to win giveaways. Too bad I can't purchase anything right now =T College tuition and books is killing me! lol.

  5. Rai

    lol. You spelled my name wrong.
    I had to make a new account to place a 2nd order. *shifty look*

    You can only use that code once.

  6. xoladiihoneyxo

    yeahhh!!! the first semester of college last year, I spent one thousand dollar on damn books!!! (with buying some online for cheaper price) When I sold it back, I only got like $30 total!!! Sucks being in college. My tuition was a lot though.... 35 thousand a year just because it's a private and one of the top schools -____- lol.

  7. Dana Yoshimizu

    OMG< I just realized that I never replyed to your comment about me winning >__< SOrry!!!