Mark. giveaway winner!

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Congratulations to Dana!

I hit generate six times, just to make sure! I know it took me forever to pick the winner for this giveaway! Sorry! Now that things have slowed down (not much, but at least its slowed down some) I can get back into blogging again. I'm planning another giveaway for the Fall season (I lovelovelove Fall) but I havent decided what I wanted you guys to do! Well, I kinda have, but maybe I can come up with something better. We'll see.

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  1. Tina

    lol. Yeaaahh!! Well, I had to go over my list like a bazillion times when I was ordering, I slept on it and luckily my list was still saved so I went over it again and came to conclusion. 2x 10 pc (again with the KFC order...feel to it rofl!), 2 blushes: Peachy Keen, that Coral one, eyeshadow: the purple one (everything else I had too much of in other brands but that purple was just screaming pick me! lol), body and face kabuki brushes, 2x blush brushes, 2x makeup remover (was skeptical since it came only in 20 qty. :/), and I can't remember rest but it costed about $30+ w/shipping at $6. But I thought it was suppose to be free and a supposedly $9 rebate but which btw!! I forgot to tell you... I know it isn't really considered a scam because if you read terms, WHICH I DIDNT CUS IM AN IDIOOOOT!... cus the past two months I been getting $12 removed out of my account TWICE A MONTH.. so that's $24 dollars a month which pisses me off because I need to find the number to whomever this company keeps withdrawing money out of my effin account!! But anyway.

    That's about it.

    And congrats to Dana! Woo hoo :D lol

  2. Rai

    Congrats to Dana! =D