Review: ELF Nail Polish.

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ELF Nail Polish in Blush.

Nail polish has always been one of those childhood things for me, when I was younger my mom would always paint my nails. And the one thing I hate the most about nail polish is that it takes forever to dry! I also hated how every time I took a bubble bath my nail polish would chip (I have a really weird childhood OCD to go with that lol). So I kinda just never painted my nails growing up. Lately, I've been really into nail polish. I think I have a addiction for colors, seriously.

You guys know how much I love ELF, and of course they offer a wide selection of nail polish colors for just $1. Its kinda hard not to go nuts over that. I had my eye on this color for awhile but it was sold out so when it was finally in stock, I decided to pick one up (or two... or three, I dont remember lol).

I usually use China Glaze to paint my toe nails and China Glaze takes awhile to dry, so I use the OPI quick dry spray. I did one coat of the ELF nail polish and noticed up pigmented it was but decided to do another coat just to see if it would improve the color so I waited a few seconds and I was about to mist on the OPI quick dry spray when I noticed... the ELF nail polish had already completely dried. I was completely shocked! So I went ahead and put on another coat and it didnt change the color, it kept it pretty much the same and within the first coat it was already true to the bottle. I was just curious haha. The second coat also dried quickly. I've had it on my toes for 3 days now and it's still shiny and hasnt chipped yet!

Blush in the bottle is a little darker than the picture they provide on the site. It looks like a peachy brown pearl color. But on your nails its a peachy pinky gold color that has a nice pearl to it. I wanna say its MAC's pigment in Melon but in nail polish form (I totally just swatched the pigment on my toe to make sure haha), then again it could be the lighting in my room.

I'm extremely impressed with this product! Now only if they offered even more colors...

Just a warning in case you dont like toes!

These were taken at night without flash, the second picture is a better swatch than the first.

9 Responses to Review: ELF Nail Polish.

  1. Tina

    Nice review! I've used China Glaze waaay back but I been using Maybeline nail polish mostly. And I want to try something brighter maybe but I like darker colors. But this was very helpful!

  2. Anonymous

    Yaay! Thanks for posting! :) I've been wondering about their polishes. Now I wanna go buy some! (>_<)

  3. JL ♪ GiLiNG Great review! I ♥ ELF nail polishes too. I only have 4 atm, but want MORE.

  4. e.motion in motion

    OMG thank you sooo much for doing this! I just ordered 3 of their polishes and reaaaally didn't want to be disappointed! I think this was one of the colors I ordered :P And you have cute toes hehe :3

  5. Sofie

    So so so pretty!
    And thanks for the review! ^^

  6. mszcheysser

    Pretty toes :] When I make my online purchase of ELF, this is totally going to be on my list.. but for now, I'm on hold. lol.

  7. Rai

    I really, really like EVERYTHING!
    You'll be getting your package soon! =D I want to add some more because you were too kind to add so much in mine.

  8. My-My

    hearing that it dries fast, I wanna purchase all of them!!! I'm a sucker for fast drying nails. It's cuz I'm to klutzy and move to much. lol

  9. Anonymous

    In my opinion one of the best nail polishes on the market. I do my nails on sunday nights during DEXTER and then I go to sleep. It dries so fast I never have sheet marks the next day. Love it wish they had more colors.