Dupe find + ELF Eye Shadow Quads.

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I was playing around with my makeup and there's a lot of MAC eye shadow's I dont use. FLIRT! Honey Lemonade happens to be my favorite highlight and so I was comparing it with MAC's Nylon and I came across this...

There is of course a slight difference! Nylon is a lot more frost than Honey Lemonade. So if you're looking for a cheap dupe, definitely consider getting FLIRT! its sold at Kohls and its owned by Estee Lauder like MAC is. I would assume they'd have more dupes but they dont really... I'm trying to hunt them down though haha! I hear FLIRT! Glamourazzi is a dupe for MAC's Trax but I dont own Trax so I cant really say (though I will mention that my next giveaway will include a few FLIRT! goodies).

ELF Brightening Eye Color Quad's

As you guys know, ELF came out with five new Brightening Eye Color Quad's. I bought 3/5. I didnt take a picture of Hazy Hazel, I have no idea why lol.

Nymph Dreams

Punk Funk

I'm really liking the formula for these. Maybe its just me but it seems a lot better than the formula they used for their previous Brightening Eye Quad's. These are so pigmented and they blend really easy. The only thing I dont like is that the brown's in Hazy Hazel are wayyy too similar to each other. I've been trying to come up with EOTD with these quad's and I should get around to posting them lol!

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been busy. If you'd like to keep up with my non makeup life follow me here.

13 Responses to Dupe find + ELF Eye Shadow Quads.

  1. izumi

    yeees, post eotd's with the quads! they look pretty interesting :D and i gotta check out these FLIRT items :D

  2. ning * star

    the quads are pretty in shade!

  3. JL ♪ GiLiNG

    ohh i want those quads. u have the 2 new ones that i want, hehe. buuut i'm just too impatient to order & wait -_-. one of these days maybe... i want to check out the formulation. i've heard a lot of ladies saying they're better? idk i only have the old ones.

    can't wait for those EOTDs !!

  4. Rai

    Could you post swatches! =D

  5. Tina

    I had the punk funk but it didn't show up on me. But now I have my own UDPP it probably might've shown up but I gave it to a friend. lol But Nymph Dreams looks so pretty!

    I love your pictures and swatches there are so informative. :D

    And the dupe reviews are the best. I never heard of Flirt. lol But that shade is very pretty. I never bought MAC eyeshadow before, do you have any suggestions on my first purchase, any colors you suggest for my skin tone type? I'm light medium with slight pink, yellow, lol.

  6. Tina

    P.S. And yay! I'm finally on here, I was kind of confused on the Blog setup but noticed Dashboard but this site is still a little confusing, I'm trying to fix my backround so I'm having to use some random default atm. Haha!

    But this is so great though, I realized my friend Matt is a video game blogger, and you're a makeup blogger (and I noticed you two were on the same site, blogger! lol) and I had to switch sites from Vox to this and this is so much easier to follow.

    But yeah! I look forward to more of your reviews!

  7. Tina

    Sounds great! I have something's unopened that I think you'll like if we swap or something lol.

    But yeah. I'll look at Flirt website sometime later! I love palettes, it's just easier to have them all in one case. I like NYX eyeshadows but I got a bunch of singles now and I really don't like how it takes up so much space on my shelf (makeup area).

    I'm also having problems with storage space. Any suggestions?

  8. e.motion in motion

    Thanks for the comment! I bought a Shu mini eyelash curler too but I don't like it too much lol... may sell it. Like the regular size better :P

    Ahh and yeah their stuff is so expensive... but I can't help splurging every once in awhile xD

  9. e.motion in motion

    O ya and what kind of tablet do you have? I don't know how to fully use mine either hehe :P

  10. Chili

    Beautiful blog you have:) What is your favorite cookie?

  11. Dana Yoshimizu

    You're so brave! I'm too scared to do pictures of my toes! >_<

  12. Amber

    if you're looking for mac shadow look-a-likes. there are a lot of them at coastalscents.com They even have a list of mac shadow names and the colors they match to in their own shadow collection.

  13. SadeeStyle

    very pigmented and beautiful
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    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥