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I feel like I've been M.I.A forever! Even though I didnt log in to blogger for just one day. Nuts! Haha. Updates are a little slow, I'm trying to work more on reviews and other things. My entire blog is about hauls and though I'm sure there are haul lovers out there (like myself) I kinda feel like the blog should be more than that. Besides, I'm a wee bit on the broke side (and by a wee bit, I mean totally utterly broke and in debt lol) so the haul's have slimmed down a lot.

ELF released some new stuff for all their lines and I'm waiting on my last package of their new products to come in before I do a haul blog on that. Of course, I still have to announce a winner for my giveaway and I'm thinking of having another giveaway but I dont know what I should have you guys do! I'm new to this haha. I have the prizes, but no idea's!

I bought a new camera. Its the Sony Webbie HD camcorder. I know, I know. Why didnt I just get a Flip? A Flip cost more and you cant move the lens. I got the camcorder version because I film and my desk and I usually have my camera on the top shelf of my desk where my monitor sits. And since the Flip/hand held Webbie HD stand, the aiming would be off. The Webbie got a bunch of mixed reviews... so far, I like it. It's decent, it does what I want it to do! I havent uploaded any videos from it just yet, but I'll be doing a vlog (a re-vlog actually) and I filmed my June fav's... I know. It's the end of July, but I just never got around to it lol.

There's something else I wanted to talk about and I just dont remember what it was... still trying to get a blog sale set up. It's hard parting with things! Even though I literally never used them. Dont you hate that!

I've been trying to make jewelry (like everyone else) lately and I'm glad I did! Its been a long time since I found something that's fun to do and takes my mind completely off of things (last that happened was when I was a total DDR addict in 2002)! Its hard coming up with your own style when you're first starting out and when everyone else and their mama's make jewelry too! But its a nice challenge. I made my mom a cell phone charm. I gave it to her already because I was just so excited! But I did manage to take pictures before I gave it to her! I'm thinking of making a crafts blog. I've been itching to get into crafts for the last few years but just havent had any motivation or inspiration to. But now I find myself tracking down bead stores around the bay area and totally skipping Sephora and MAC stores! OMG! I know! Wth is going on, right?!

No worries, I havent ditched makeup! Knowing my personality I might, and if I do... anyone up to buy my makeup collection? =D haha kidding. Half kidding.

I dont plan on ditching makeup any time soon. It's just weird skipping MAC and Sephora all the time with no desire to even glance in that direction. Well besides that Sephora's customer service has gone down hill (at least the stores in my area) and I mean, you can only swatch the MAC permanent collection so many times before you've got the names, product, color and product number down lol.

So let me know guys! What should my next giveaway be? And should I make a craft blog?


I made an ELF social networking site!

They also have a new product Liquid Eye Shadow! I just snatched up all but 2 colors. Mineral lipstick is also on sale for 75% off!


3 Responses to Update!

  1. Kym

    lets see your jewelry creations! thats what your next giveaway should be! :)

  2. izumi

    oooo i agree w/ kym :D

    i've had half a mind to ditch my makeup collection too >__> but the days when i get bored.. it's nice to have.

    beads > make up!

  3. christy

    you should totally do a blog sale! i love blog sales! hahah, but there's this one girl, i won't name who, she sells things and after the "processing fee" and shipping and handling it ends up costing the same as like CCO.. or the same as buying it yourself new