Review: ELF Eye Primer & Liner Sealer.

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The purpose of this product is that one side is an eye primer and the other side is an eyeliner sealer. This review will only be for the eye primer side.

As you can see, the primer isnt a liquid or a gel. It has the consistency similar to a concealer or if you were to use a NYX Jumbo Pencil as your primer but it isnt as dry. It blends easily and its long lasting. I've been using this instead of my UDPP for about a month now, I love that I dont have to wait for it to dry. I can just blend it in and go. It does an amazing job at making the eyeshadow colors pop and stay on all day.

Also, I dont know if its because of the primer but it makes my eyeshadow easier to take off. I noticed with UDPP, I usually have to rub my eyeshadow to get it off. But when I use the ELF primer it comes off in one wipe.

For the price ($3) I would rather get this instead of spending $17 for UDPP. My only complaint about this product would be that the cap doesnt really snap on. It isnt on too loose either but I personally would feel better if it snapped closed.

ELF Studio Primer & MAC pigment in Teal.
After an 8hr day.

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  1. Anonymous

    Yaay! Thanks for the review! I'm sooo glad I added this to my latest ELF order :P

  2. My-My

    Thanks for the review. Still curious though. . . What is the consistency of your eyelids? are they dry? or do they tend to get oily by the end of the day? Thanks hun. :)

  3. My-My

    awesome! thanks for answering. I was just curious though. Cuz I tend to have normal to oily lids. But I really like the sound of the consistency, being that its like jumbo pencil. Now I gotta haul this little devil.

  4. Jennnyy.

    aw dammit! i JUST placed an ELF order too! :( i want to try this out!!! :(

  5. My-My

    I really like essence of beauty brushes. They are only held in Longs Drug/CVS. I discovered them late because I don't usually shop at Longs Drugs. but when I first walked in to check out what make up they have. . . holy moley, its like a Sephora in Drugstore form! ok no, not really. minus the muas, samples, and testing. Ok, pretty much, they got aisles and aisles of drugstore make up. hahaha. but you live in the bay, you're bound to have one in your city. :) good luck and have fun.

  6. e.motion in motion

    Ooo curious to know how the liner sealer part works (: Oh and thanks for the comment!

    I use Sculpey clay that I got from Ben Franklin. You can buy at Walmart too. You bake it in your toaster oven for 15 minutes per 1/4 inch thickenss of clay at 275 degrees.

    The clay I use is supposed to say soft until you bake it but I must be unlucky because I the first batch of clay I bought totally dried out and became like rock when I stopped using it for a long time. So I had to buy a whole new batch X_x But ya its really easy and fun to do! Nothing wrong with baking clay :D

  7. Dana Yoshimizu

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    But Sea World does have more shows than Discovery Kingdom does & more fish, but duh! LOL

  8. Jessica

    Hey there, thanks for following my blog and leaving a comment. That's sweet of you! I'll follow too! :)

  9. Dana Yoshimizu

    RYC - Omg, the thing that I have a problem with about the beaches in my area are that they are NOTHING like Hawaii. In Hawaii the water is so much nicer - cleaner, clearer, warmer, & there isn't any kelp that grabs you when your swimming. lol I know I'm spoiled to say that I don't like the beach as much as I used to, but once you've been in the Hawaiian waters, California just doesn't seem as great

  10. christy

    is the elf primer really that good?? i feel like its too good be be true cuz its cheap, but then again shipping costs hella. do you only get a little primer in the tube? haha, for some reason when they show a that little stub of primer in the pic i feel like that's all they give you

  11. Lipstickaddict

    Just purchased this from the Department store and as soon as I've tried this product will post a review on it. Looks promising!
    Thanks love your blog :)i