Scams & update.

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I know this isn't beauty related, but it's something I thought I should let you guys know about.

In May my boyfriend received a phone call from a company called International Magazine Company. They mentioned to enter him into a drawing for $1 million and that they're a company that offers a low price magazine subscription as well as you get an offer for a free watch. Now to me this just sounds like a scam, but my boyfriend thought it would be cool since the magazines I want (graphic design) are usually I think $22 because they come with a CD in every issue. And they were offering him magazines for a few years for $4 a month. They had him pick 3 magazines. So I guess to him it sounded legit. I cant be too mad at him for trying to do something sweet.

Anyway, they ended up calling him back a few hours later and mentioned something that made no sense, I don't remember exactly what it was, but I think they had him pick two more magazines. The prices started to not add up and they were offering him more offers. So he googled the company and found extremely bad reviews. After finding out it was a scam, he called our credit card company and had them cancel and issue us a new credit card. Thankfully, he did this before they were able to charge us. So since then we havent thought about it since we thought it was all figured out and solved.

Well, today he recieved a letter in the mail stating that he owes them money and if he doesnt pay them, they'll report him to the credit bureau.

So he googled them again and came across this site:

That is some scary shit. I called our credit card just to make sure that we werent charged even after changing our credit card and I asked what to do if we do see a charge from them on our card. He reported them to the Better Business Bureau and hopefully that's all we'll have to do. People are saying that since we havent recieved their product that they cant really do anything about us not paying. This is just a major hassle to have to deal with and definatly NOT something you want to wake up to. The day just started and I'm already pissed off. So if you see that number DONT ANSWER IT and dont fall for this scam! It's beyond me how they got his phone number.

Also, I've been getting calls from this number 402-253-8998 good thing I'm hardly ever awake before 12PM so I've never answered their call but I googled the phone number (I google every phone number thats not on my caller ID lol) and found out it was another scam. What irritates me the most is how did they get my phone number!!! I dont give my phone number out to anyone and only give it out when I'm filling out important documents. UGH. What is up with all these scams!!


I've been getting a lot of questions about the ELF Studio Primer so I'll be doing a review on that hopefully later today. I also have the ELF Mineral Primer, I havent been using it as much since I've been using the Studio (I havent touched my UDPP in a week!) but I'll do a review on that too once I start using it. It kinda reminds me of UDPP. Like I mentioned before, I'll also be doing a review on ELF brushes (cause ya'll know how much I love them).

Things have been a bit busy since my boyfriend is getting all his USAF stuff done. He had to take the test yesterday so I was up at 6:30AM cause my dad thinks that being up at that time even though the test is at 9AM is a good idea. Also my car is FINALLY fixed from the accident. It only took 2 1/2 weeks. Which is pretty frustrating considering all the things I have to get done. Deep breaths and naps are getting me through this, this heat however is NOT haha.

I'm still doing my giveaway for signing up to be a MARK customer. I'm going to be picking a winner soon. Going to either put everyone's name in a hat or box and pull it out (OG ftw!) or using a randomizer. I'm also putting together "thank you" gifts for people's first order on my MARK site. It's going to be a mix of MARK, ELF and some other things I constantly rave about lol.

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  1. e.motion in motion

    Oh I really want to hear about the ELF brushes! I was debating to try them or not... will wait for your review (:

  2. Sugar Bunnie

    That such a sweet thing he did sorry it turned out to be a disaster
    I'm so glad I live in the Bahamas, we dont have telemarketers, junk mail, scammers and identity theif etc. only squatters ( illegal immagrants that thief lands and property)

  3. those blissful moments.

    that exact same company called my bf's cousin! they we're selling him magazines and it was a lady selling it, she was flirting and all and even though my bf's cousin didn't say yes, the lady goes "let me put my manager on and he'll help you set up your payment" so my bf's cousin hangs up cuz he got scared lol they knew his name and address and everything! and when they called back my bf's cousin told them NO and that he is only 17 and they we're also going to add subcription of porn just for him to say yes! omg that company, i hope they all burn in hell!!!!

    really, dont worry about a thing. if u didnt get no magazines, you owe them nothing! companies like that piss me off!im sorry this happen to you.

  4. Anonymous

    Grr stupid scammers. They need to find a real job. ;P

    Omg. So I totally broke my ban for not shopping this summer and bought more ELF!!! >_< Although...I had a good excuse--->birthday money. XD I bought the Studio Primer and the Mineral Primer (wanna try out both :D), a whole lot of brushes and a ton of other stuff. Thank gosh for the 50% off Studio sale, otherwise I would have spent like $90!! >_<

  5. mszcheysser

    I hate scammers! OMG. This happened to me years ago. I was on the internet & wanted the Backstreet Boys CD, and this site was saying that it would give me it for free but when I got it, they kept demanding for their money. I never paid for it, but still.. I think thats why my credit is bad. & Now, I keep getting emails from people who write long stories, but in the end asking for my account number. Whateverrrrr! :( Hope these people would stop bugging you!

  6. Dana Yoshimizu

    I hate those scam things, such a rip off! I hope you're able to sort things out and everything turns out alright

  7. Sofie

    Gah! I hate those scam things! I hope it all works out alright! >_<

  8. My-My

    ew! those scammers! I'm actually going through that now. I'm getting Parent magazines! I don't even have a kid. They've already asked for payment. The reason why I'm not jumping about it is because they spelled my name wrong. so they can't technically hunt me down. lol. and I always get calls too, and I always say, "no one goes by that name with this number." I mean, for a week they called, and I responded with the same answer. and so, they finally gave up and haven't called again.

  9. -Yu-

    OMFG! I hate those scammers!! Reading this post makes me auto-rage at them. Those sneaky bastards. There are scammers calling my phone and my bf's phone saying that our car is ticketed and we have to pay them right away...but we have no car under our names. PISSES ME OFF. Grrr. good thing you immediately took action before anything got worse. Try blocking their numbers?

  10. Anonymous

    I just got a call from 402-253-8998 on my cell. Googled it and noticed others were called. How do they get our numbers?!

    But without this # calling me, I would've never found your blog in the Google search... so I guess I'm not that mad haha.

  11. Rai

    That completely sucks!!
    I'm so tired of these scammers and telemarketers calling my cell phone. =[

    I thought that was illegal.
    I have one that calls at least 3 times EVERY single day. (it's on my reject phone # list)