June Favorites!

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  • Mark. Juice Gems in Mango Tango
  • ELF Studio Eye Primer
  • Softlips in Coconut Cream
  • MAC pigment in Violet
  • MAC eye shadow in Claire De Lune
  • FLIRT! eye shadow in Honey Lemonade
  • MAC lipstick in Viva Glam V
  • MAC lustreglass in Star Nova
  • No 7 Quick Thinking Reflexion Rapide 4 in 1 makeup remover wipes

Wow, that's a lot of favorites for this month! Haha. I ended up buying a full size of the MAC Violet pigment because I loveee it so much!! I have a review coming up of all the makeup removers I've ever used (and a review on ELF brushes cause I mean, I should do one considering how much I haul it.. right?!).

I'm a sucker for Softlips. While everyone grew up on Carmex, I grew up on Softlips! I remember when I first tried it when I was a kid, I hated it because it made your lips tingle lol. A few years later, I decided to give it another try and I tried the Sugar Cookie one that comes out during Christmas and fell in love!!! They came out with the summer flavors: Peach Mango and Coconut Cream and of course I had to get them!! Peach Mango wasnt... I didnt like it, at all. And I usually like all Peach Mango flavored things! But the Coconut Cream is delicious! Newww favorite! Of course it wont replace my Sugar Cookie!

Also, I've had the Viva Glam V and Star Nova for a lonnng time, it was one of the first MAC lip products I got and I remember Tiffany D mentioning how well they look together when I first started watching YouTube videos. Just a random memory! Haha.

What are your favorites for this month? =)

5 Responses to June Favorites!

  1. mszcheysser

    Thanks for sharing!~ I never tried Softlips! I wanna try. Mmmmm;

    HEY! If I buy from the MARK store from you; they are the one sending it right or something? Lol. Or are you? (: Just wonderrrrring! I want to buy, but not at the moment since I really need to start saving for Japan. But I keep wanting, especially when I go on your page! Lol! I keep wanting the Mango! Haha.

  2. mszcheysser


  3. Chomsiri

    is no 7 makeup remover wipes any good? :D

  4. Rai

    That's a lot of favorites! lol

    So the e.l.f. primer is really good?
    Have you tried the mineral one yet?

  5. My-My

    I'm curious about the elf primer.

    I actually grew up on carmex. but I think my lips are becoming resistant to it suddenly. once its on, its moisturizing, but it doesn't leave my lips moisturized. I have tried soft lips too. . . guess I gotta give it another shot. My usual favorite chapstick is Natural Ice. I LOVE super super minty chapsticks. but Natural Ice is so hard to find.

    can't wait to see the ELF brush review.