NYX palette sale!

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NYX had a palette sale a few weeks back and since they were all $4.50, how could I pass that up?! NYX.... making palettes?! Of course I got excited! So these were the ones I picked up.

"The Caribbean Collection" (5 eye shadows)

  • I Dream Of Barbados
  • I Dream Of St. Lucia
  • I Dream Of Antigua
"The Runway Collection" (10 eye shadows)
  • Secret World
  • Strike A Pose
"For Your Eyes Only" (10 smokey eyes shadows)
  • Smokey Eyes
  • For Eye Color Green

These palettes are really neat, I've been playing with them since I got them lol! I told my boyfriend about the sale and sent him a link and as soon as I hit "place order" he goes "baby, are you buying things again?" haha how does he always know?!

NYX has already put this on their website but the regular price is $9, I'm glad I found out about it just in time! I'm also surprised at how fast they shipped it. They didnt send me a shipping confirmation email though, which I thought was weird.

Thanks Rai for the heads up!

14 Responses to NYX palette sale!

  1. leslielovesmakeup

    i was looking at those but i'm trying so hard to not buy makeup lol.

  2. Chomsiri

    i didnt even know that they have palettes!

  3. fuzkittie

    Wow lots of palettes!! :D

  4. Dana Yoshimizu

    WOW, I wish I knew and ordered some~!

  5. mszcheysser

    HMPH** Now, I'm regretting not getting it. WAAAAAAAAH! :((

  6. Rai

    Woooo, those look great!
    Aren't they just the single eyeshadows made in palettes? You're welcome!! =D

    I want to buy some. =[ lol

  7. -Yu-

    Those are gorgeous colours! i never knew they had a pallette that are larger than the trio ones. [got to check the store again!]

  8. Chef Ray

    so THATS where my make up set went.

  9. .maitai

    hey what's your RSS feed url for this blog? I wanna subscribe! >_<

  10. e.motion in motion

    Okay so I'm hoping that you're the Marie that's dropped by my blog a few times; I couldn't access your blog from your profile because it said it's private :( But I got this link from a comment so hopefully I'm addressing the right person >_< If not, I'm so sorry!!! And great NYX haul! I love the smokey eye palette... awesome deal!

  11. Sofie

    Gorgeous palettes! Dammit XD you grabbed them all girl ahaha!

  12. e.motion in motion

    Ooo okay lol xD Oh and I had a question about mark. products if you don't mind =] I was pondering becoming a rep but I haven't really tried any of their products LOL... Always wanted to try but they're a little pricy for size IMO and I've heard lots of mixed reviews and didn't want to buy something I wouldn't like/use :( Do you have any product recommendations?

  13. My-My

    hey girl! I stumbled onto your blog. Ever since you revealed the NYX palettes, I've been drooling over them. One day, just one day. . . I'll get them all. (no, not really). Anyways, Lovely blog. and new follower. :)

    also, I had to add the girl who mentioned she liked my entry on Chom's ninja contest. :P

  14. Becks

    aww you're so lucky you got those for cheap! by the time I discovered that they had new palettes and I wanted to get they weren't on sale anymore :(