Review: MARK. Calming Effect.

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MARK. Calming Effect is a soap free cleanser. It contains banana and oat to calm, comfort and nurture the skins best assets.

I've been using this cleanser for a week and a half to two weeks now. I'm a little iffy about my exfoliate so I decided to give this a try. This does not exfoliate. It only cleanses.

My skin is dry and oily. It gets extremely dry during the winter (of course) and whenever the seasons change. Since the season is sorta changing (its kind of yo-yoing actually so its more cold than hot right now) my skin is going nuts. I usually get it the worst in the area that's above my cheeks and around my nose area.

I've never used a cleanser before, I've always just either exfoliated or used regular bar soap to wash my face (horrible idea btw). So I didnt really know what to expect. This cleanser is soap free, but when lathered between your hands it bubbles up. It has a faint smell of banana's, which is kinda relaxing! What I like the most about this is that since I've started using it, my dry spots have pretty much faded. I havent been bothered with them since I started using this and it keeps my skin soft, which never happens! It also has gotten rid of the reddness in the dry area's as well!

The only thing I dont like about it is that after I'm out of the shower, my skin feels oily. I dont know if its oily or moisturizing since I dont really put anything on my face.

But when I wake up in the morning, its soft and not super dry. I would really recommend this product if you have dry spots around your face like I do.

4 Responses to Review: MARK. Calming Effect.

  1. Chomsiri

    this is very interesting!

  2. mszcheysser

    Banana and Oats? Wow, I never knew it could contain that. Lol (:

    Awww, Oily after shower? I would feel weird out too.

  3. Chef Ray

    My girl loves ELF make up haha

  4. christy

    hey so you don't use a moisturizer? or did i just not read that right..

    cuz im thinkin about not using one too cuz now i feel like they all break me out haha. like i dont even wanna try anymore cuz, and when i went without moisturizer my face was fine. i wanna feel like im not weird for not wearing moisturizer tho, it's not that uncommon is it?