Hey guys!

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So I've taken all the pictures, did all the videos and now all I have to do is edit and post.


This week has been really hectic. I've been running around the Bay Area trying to get the boyfriend's paper work done for.......... I'll reveal that later lol. So we were in Oakland the other day and it was cute, cause he took me to all the places he grew up and it wasnt as ghetto as I pictured it to be. He took me to all the places he told me stories about when he was a kid. Except the log he fell off and almost died from cause its in the wayy ghetto part. As much as I would had LOVED to see it, I passed lol.

Oh, and we also got into a car accident.

So we're dealing with the calls/reports/blah blah blah for that. UGH, car accidents are such a hassle! We're both fine, the car however is going to take nine days to fix and the damages were $3000 worth. Thank goodness for insurance! That would had really sucked. Really. Do you know how much makeup I could buy with $3000?! Kidding. Sorta. I'm bummed I'll be car-less for 9 days. But maybe it'll get me to sit my ass at home and get all this updating done! Oh and clean my room, cause we all know how fast makeup can pile up in one spot.

Speaking of, I finally got my MARK rep starter kit and my first haul and I'm really lovin some of the products! And of course, being the shoppaholic I am, I just had to buy more. I have 3 more packages on their way.


I know. I know. I need to stop spending and start getting to know the makeup I already have. I'm going to be... doing something about that. A sale, a giveaway, a swap, a look a day... we'll see haha.

OH! But I AM going to do a giveaway some time soon! I somehow ended up buying the same exact thing that came in the starter kit. Maybe I shoulda read it before ordering stuff haha so....!


All you have to do is sign up to be a customer for my MARK store here. You dont have to buy anything, just sign up to be a customer and I'll be randomly picking the winner. I dont have a deadline yet, I'm obviously not good with these since its my first one haha.

I think that's all I have to say, hopefully I get the updates up soon! Sorry in advance if I flood your subs page. Eeep.

5 Responses to Hey guys!

  1. Rai

    Oh no, thankfully you guys are okay.

    LOL! 3 packages on the way!!
    lol @ buying what's in your starter kit.

    I signed up to your site! =D

  2. Kym

    sorry to hear about your accident! =S but glad to hear you guys are okay!!!

    in regards to your question before about laser eye surgery.. it only takes about 15 mintues for the surgery, it's painless but they clamp both eyes open so you don't blink and the weird part is that they scrape layers of your eye (or whatever the technical term is) off and then you see the lazers coming towards you. doesn't hurt, just weird. haha! you considering it soon?

  3. mszcheysser

    Whoa. Accident *Shudders, I hate them :( But thank goodness that you and your boyfriend are okay! :)

    Wow! I'm totally signing up riiiiiight now!

  4. Chomsiri

    damn i hate car accidents. my old car was totaled -_- glad you are okay!

  5. fuzkittie

    Omg, I'm glad you're okay!